Herman Martinez – “Continuity Errors” – stellar musicianship and masterful production!

“Continuity Errors”, the third album by the Atlanta, GA multi-instrumentalist, features a generous slice of Herman Martinez’s time, considering the project was 2 years in [more…]

New Releases

Herman Martinez: “Secret Doors Hidden Stairs: Season 2” combines multiple atmospheres, rhythms and sounds

Self-taught musician and multi-instrumentalist, Herman Martinez, is back with a brand new album entitled, “Secret Doors Hidden Stairs: Season 2”. The singer-songwriter from New Jersey, [more…]


Herman Martinez: “Solopsi Radio” – an unabashed, high octane, creative vision of music in all of its fascinating colors and textures


Herman Martinez is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter from New Jersey, specializing in surreal, dreamlike rock music. Herman has been writing music for 16 [more…]