Yuki Ato Narayan – “Dispel Any Fears” is immediately accessible to your senses!

Yuki Ato Narayan is an Ambient, Chillout and Neo-Classical music composer, with a growing catalog of works which captured the attention of the media, and fans alike. I recently came across her album, “Dispel Any Fears”, and was stunned at how beautiful and impacting this music is. Yuki does enough in this one hour listening experience, to secure her a place in the hearts and minds of anybody who appreciates the power of instrumental music. Presented here, are 9 lusciously rich and varied ambient tracks, offering different tones and textures, as well as delicate whiffs of intoxicatingly scented sound.

Right from the opening title track, “Dispel Any Fears”, the idea that there is no physical boundary that marks the edge of Yuki Ato Narayan’s creativity, is apparent. She captures and understands the concept of creativity on so many levels and expresses it, by means of musical form, through magnificent melodies and all-embracing ambiance.

This is not the type of music that will require time and patience to sink in. This is immediately accessible to your senses, as Yuki builds her arrangements gently through mellifluous structures that mesmerize. As in any serious instrumental work, expect tracks that hover around the 7 minute mark, as the composer passionately weaves and wanders her palette of musical colors across each sonic landscape.

“Waves with Crescent Moon” is coaxed in on a resonating piano motif, as Yuki Ato Narayan constructs her instrumental narrative, on a recurring keyboard theme. “Pervading the Ocean” sounds almost like a continuation of the previous track’s theme, with powerful piano keys dominating the soundscape and propelling the momentum.

Once the undulating musical swells kick in, on “Smells with Safron and Sandalwood”, the last thing you will want, is for it to end. The shimmering keys and looping bassline hold you almost hypnotically to their impulses. This is the one that will leave a mark on you and will stick with you for the rest of the day. Yuki Ato Narayan’s profound musical approach and knack for creating picturesque imagery is in full force, all across this album.

Not least, on the reverberating rhythmic undercurrents of “Lord of Sleep”, or the twinkly, ethereal atmosphere found on “Supposed to Sustain”, which is spacious yet captivating at the same time. “The Source of Life” has a deep, reflective vibe thanks to the transcendent soundscape and flourishing piano dynamics. The production is spot on capturing the sublimely metaphysical nuances that this track has to offer.

Through her music – whether intentionally or not – somehow Yuki Ato Narayan never fails to channel the intricacies of what makes our existence, and this planet, so compellingly fascinating. Both, “Melted Capture Rocks” and “Get Up With The Ordinary”, are moving compositions built around the vigorous mechanics of Yuki’s commanding piano lines, which are as persuasive as they are accomplished. They are sheer bliss to listen to with great headphones.

From start to end, on this album, Yuki Ato Narayan seems to effortlessly deliver mood-inducing, life-altering sonic soundscapes that are capable of embracing, captivating and mutating your senses and emotions. These entrancing sonic tapestries will weave themselves into the very core of your being. “Dispel Any Fears” is a world you can live inside and experience in many ways.



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