T.L Thorne – Sandwiched between streetwise awareness, social consciousness, and worshiping God

In the world of Christian hip hop, there are many rising stars, T.L Thorne is one of those underground artists, who in his own little way is rewriting the rule-book on God-fearing emcees’ relationship with the secular music game and is ready to blaze a path to widespread acceptance and cultural influence. Sandwiched between streetwise awareness, social consciousness, and worshiping God, T.L Thorne is confident, cocksure and comfortable in his lane.

With that said, T.L Thorne’s delivery, flow, lyricism and beat selection are very much on point. He continually raises the bar with each and every release, which is full of stellar production, tight arrangements, and confronting words. The rapper constantly calls us to lift our eyes to eternity, and he does this by painting some devastating pictures of the broken world we live in.

Though he mentions the Lord often, T.L Thorne’s avoids the trap of mentioning God and Jesus in every bar, and will reach a lot more people than those who are turned off by rappers who are heavy-handedly pious.

At times the confidence in his narrative might even come across as aggressive and cocky. If he weren’t a spiritual rapper somebody could even mistake him for arrogant, but to me that sounds necessary if you’re going to get Christian rap into the secular world where it needs to be heard.

You can’t come into the game apologetic for what you’re striving to do. You have to elbow your way into the spotlight. The bold and assertive T.L Thorne does that on “Speak Lord”, “Live and Not Die”, “Hypocrites!”, “Please Open The Door” and “Encourage Me”, and will earn quite a few converts with these tracks.

This music represents a soundtrack of inspiration for listeners, signifying the idea that no one is exempt from the struggles and horrors of everyday life. T.L Thorne talent with his pen-game is matched by his high-octane deliveries. Clearly the man is on a mission.

T.L Thorne is an artist who has been good with words since he was a child. Growing up in the hood with all the poverty and abuse and being the son of not, one but two addicted parents, words and poems were his only outlet, his only form of crying out.

But when he found God in 2004 the words and poems took on new meaning. T.L Thorne realized that he was crying out to God all along. He does this for Him. This is his way of doing what God has commissioned all to do, and that is to go out and to compel His people to come so that His house may be full.

T.L Thorne’s goal is not to be famous or to get a million streams. “But if I can only reach one soul and draw them to Christ then my job is done,” says T.L Thorne. “I am not concerned about the ninety nine. My prayer is that God will draw them as well. I hope my music will pull on the drawstrings of many who are lost and hoping to be found. I pray that my music finds them and I also pray that it finds you! To God be All The Glory, Amen.”


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