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RICHFRVNK x JUSS ALI: “GOD BLE$$” a dark and innovative presentation!

Up and coming artist RICHFRVNK and JUSS ALI have dropped the track “GOD BLE$$”, Produced by Ricky Veggies. Usually I’m pretty up to date with the underground scene but somehow underground Boston artist RICHFRVNK fell under even my radar till now. The track starts really strong and showcases his verbal skills and lets you know what RICHFRVNK and JUSS ALI are all about.

Lyrics like “From the belly of the beast, niggas never gonna sleep. Ain’t no love for the weak, cause the wolves gotta eat”, is about as hardcore as you can get and really lets you know what kind of dark track you’re in for.

“GOD BLE$$” has an eerily atmospheric, but effective beat, strewed with verbal attacks that a lot of other rappers would be afraid to attack. The only difference is RICHFRVNK has the mic skills to do it. RICHFRVNK and JUSS ALI created a well-rounded track that will benefit the music pallets of many fans and draws in new followers because of its appeal to many audiences.

It is filled with intricate lyrical abilities with creative lines, a great beat and plenty of darkness! I can hear a lot of various influences bleeding through RICHFRVNK’s style that culminate into his own creative and innovative presentation.

RICHFRVNK and JUSS ALI, shut it down on this one, and killed the mainstream rap game. These are savage off the wall artists that spit their own truths without fear. Open your ears, and listen to the lyrics or are you already too controlled by the mass media who teach us to not notice truth and talent in amongst the catchy hooks and autotuned trap verses climbing up the charts.

These two take their time and deliver a track that is an interesting listen from beginning to end. This is not radio rap, it’s street music that keeps you listening bar after bar.

Whether you are a fan, or you’re new to the fascinating world of dark rap music, “GOD BLE$$” will not disappoint you. This track is nothing short of pure awesomeness. Finally some real hip hop, not that garbage that’s getting played on the radio daily. Support a good artist who is trying to do something different and go and share this.


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