OG OMyth – ‘Certificate of Perseverance’ – Equal parts sentiment and confidence, this EP is an all-out winner

Bronx emcee OG OMyth is everything rap needs in a spiritually, socially and politically ailing world. His latest EP ‘Certificate of Perseverance’, released under the moniker Manifest Something Beautiful, strikes prophetic notes throughout the twenty minute runtime and seven track list. This is arguably his most positive and radio-ready release, where the rapper continues to exhibit his lyrical skills and moral quandaries. OG OMyth is acutely aware of life’s struggles, failures and iniquities, and a good enough writer that he can spit about it without preaching. He is about as talented as it comes and he has no qualms showing it.

The EP Cover

OG OMyth started rapping in the early 90’s, but his career path was abruptly halted by poor choices and street life. This ultimately landed him a 9 ½-year bid in VA Correctional facilities. During this time he was part of a prison rap group called Prisoners of Conflict. In 2005 the commander in chief of the group, Lamar “Nature Boy DNL” Chapman committed suicide, which led to OG OMyth to drop “The Separation” project, before contemplating retirement.

In 2012 he formed a group with G-Mak a.k.a Mak Laimbeer presently known as the legendary group OG Audio. But tragedy soon got in the way again, as in 2015 OG OMyth’s first-born son was murdered, due to a domestic dispute involving his son’s mother and her new husband. Once again he contemplated retirement, but instead used his emotions to fuel the launch of Manifest Something Beautiful L.L.C., alongside SK.

All of which brings us right up to the ‘Certificate of Perseverance’ project. One of the greatest qualities of OG OMyth is his ability to sit down, be introspective, and effectively communicate with listeners, parts of himself and his truths on this project. This latest release comes off as a revelation of a reaffirmed OG OMyth, in which fans can hear him standing confidently in a space of understanding and purpose.

Right from the opening track, “Manifestor (ft. K Most & Bigga Kook)”, the EP at points seems to be about his journey and finding his balance as he weaves his way through music, personal life, and truth, passing these messages and experiences on to his listeners. OG OMyth’s lyricism and flow is something to behold. His resonating, brooding voice rolls over combinations of alliteration and inflection like they were nothing. Moreover, his features match him all the way.

OG OMyth

“Nobody Wins (ft. Army Blaque)” is a soulful and mellifluous tune, completely intoxicating to the ear. OG OMyth’s somber bars is the perfect juxtaposition to the melody, while on “God isn’t Finished (ft. Shawn Kaine)”, the rapper adds an extra sense of urgency in a stream of consciousness flow. In all honesty, OG OMyth’s masterful use of voice and meticulous choice of words is a skill really any artist, would have trouble showing off consistently.

Both “West V Open (ft. Johnny Alkada)” and “NY Times (ft. K Most & Skunk)” turn the intensity screw even tighter, as OG OMyth and his featured guests, indulge in a verbiage fest, with flying syllables and running rhymes. In lieu of his excellent lyrical ability, OG OMyth is able to balance his music out with vibrant hooks and choruses, without the songs losing their lyrical essence. This is perfectly evident on one of my favorite tracks on the EP, “Move in Silence (ft. Army Blaque)”.

The recording closes with the hypnotically insistent and honestly outspoken, “Get a Mention (ft. Ricky Bats & K Most)”. All in all, the EP ‘Certificate of Perseverance’ not only puts OG OMyth near the top of the lyrical totem pole, but also proves the extensive collaborations on this project were not done in vain, as each brings a substantial dynamic to the project. Equal parts sentiment and confidence, this EP is an all-out winner.

Website: https://www.manifestsomethingbeautiful.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Manifestsomethingbeautiful-LLC-456250454855975
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sirock167
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/og_omyth/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Zs91En-GhjEB-yrlaE5mQ

DOWNLOAD & STREAM: https://designedconviction.fanlink.to/og-omyth

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