MCL’s Musical Alchemy: Inside ‘I Think Of You’ Amberseed 7″ Remix

In the landscape of contemporary music production, the effervescent fusion of eclectic influences and heartfelt storytelling is a rare gem. MCL, the seasoned maestro behind the single “I Think Of You” (Amberseed 7″ Remix), transcends a mere pop earworm to craft an experience that resonates deeply with the human spirit. Rooted in Marc Clerkin aka MCL’s rich tapestry of musical experiences spanning over three decades, this latest endeavor bears the hallmark of a journeyman whose evolution as a musician has been shaped by an illustrious roster of iconic influences.

Marc Clerkin aka MCL

From the magnetic allure of Queen’s legendary performances to the diverse soundscape of Prince, Michael Jackson, and the trailblazing visits of numerous luminaries to Irish shores, Marc Clerkin’s sonic odyssey reads like a testament to the transformative power of music.

A luminary in his own right, Marc Clerkin’s transition from a touring musician in revered Irish band Ricos Groove to a masterful producer and songwriter based in the vibrant core of South London marks a defining chapter in his musical odyssey. Collaborating with the esteemed DJ Amberseed, whose artistry has lent depth and finesse to works by Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Simply Red, and Jamiroquai, heralds a union of kindred spirits hailing from Monaghan, Ireland, now converging in the creative hub of Surrey, London.

“I Think Of You” in its DJ Amberseed 7″ Remix Version emerges as a sonic reverie, a pulsating symphony woven with dance beats that throb at the heart of the track. Fused with the infectious energy of funky guitar strums, resonant keyboard chords, and spirited horn interludes, the melodic fabric serves as an effervescent canvas for the spellbinding vocals of Maria Geo. MCL, in his inimitable style, concocts an electro-pop marvel that pulsates with emotional resonance, enriched further by DJ Amberseed’s tantalizing studio mastery.

At its core, the lyrical tapestry of “I Think Of You” unveils an emotional pilgrimage—a poignant narrative encapsulating the tumultuous journey of bidding adieu to a past love while grappling with the haunting echoes of reminiscence. The lyrical prowess captures raw emotions and intricacies, a cathartic confrontation with memories that once colored life’s canvas.

The verses brim with a defiant resolve, an unwavering stance amid the whirlwind of conflicting emotions. The chorus emerges as an anthem of introspection, an internal dialogue echoing the poignant struggle to embrace liberation while tethered to the poignant specter of yesteryears. The repetition of the evocative phrase “When I think of you” serves as an emotional anchor, a refrain that encapsulates the weight of nostalgia and longing.

As the lyrical narrative unfurls, the song evolves into a crescendo of emotional strife, a battle between liberation and the relentless pull of erstwhile emotions. The DJ Amberseed 7″ Remix Version of “I Think Of You” orchestrates this emotional rollercoaster with finesse, interweaving an intensified rhythm, electronic nuances, and sonic transitions that mirror the lyrical crescendo, enveloping listeners in a cathartic journey of self-discovery.

The collaborative synergy between Maria Geo’s soul-stirring vocals and the songwriting, production and mixing finesse of MCL and DJ Amberseed respectively, culminates in a sonic tour de force. The resultant masterpiece is an evocative testament to the triumphs and tribulations of love’s aftermath – a melodic catharsis that resonates deeply with the human experience.

I Think Of You” (Amberseed 7″ Remix) is an emotive expedition, a poignant ode to the labyrinthine nature of human emotions, expertly crafted by the musical virtuosity of Marc Clerkin aka MCL and DJ Amberseed. It stands tall as a testament to the power of music to illuminate the recesses of our souls, and simultaneously push the momentum of our feet around the dance floor in an epic explosion of sound.


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