Martone: “#TEOM (The Evolution of Martone) Deluxe Edition” stays deep and maintains the fun!

Martone Lynell Williams the EDM, R&B and House music artist is releasing “#TEOM (The Evolution of Martone) Deluxe Edition”. The original versions The Evolution of Martone 1st Edition and 2nd Edition were released in June 2015 and September 2015 respectively. On the new release Martone has teamed up with several producers to give their take on some of his hits such as “Groove Tonight (Extreme’s Late Night Remix)”, “Love You I Do Auoo” and “Office Politics”. The new Deluxe album features remixes by Duce, DJ Extreme Detroit, and DJ Suspence.

martone-logoThe album comes at the perfect time as many doubt the long-term maturity of the dance scene. Martone’s “#TEOM (The Evolution of Martone) Deluxe Edition” not only serves as a comfort for those worried about the future of dance music, but a window into the growing artistic maturity and prosperity of dance music. As an album, “#TEOM” is both a synthesis of Martone’s roots and future.

The album’s standout is no doubt the 3 versions of “Groove Tonight” each providing an electro house anthem ready for the radio, the club main stage, and your brother’s iPod. Radio or club ready as it is, this is not your usual mainstream fodder. Martone and the other producers involved mix the perfect amount of radio-friendliness, emotional substance and a modernized verse-chorus-verse to make pulsating, touching and show-stopping, progressive house-inspired tracks. With “#TEOM (The Evolution of Martone) Deluxe Edition” Martone has put a sound to the beating heart of the American EDM.

The productions, performances, songwriting, and unbridled emotion radiates throughout the album. “#TEOM” proves that commercial viability and critical success is not mutually exclusive when it comes to EDM. Yes Martone’s original music is stellar, but it’s the heart and soul that make this project truly special, and ultimately timeless. That, together with the creative freedom allowed to each producer in remixing “Groove Tonight (Extreme’s Late Night Remix)”, “Love You I Do Auoo” and “Office Politics”.

Martone-300Duce, DJ Extreme Detroit, and DJ Suspence were able to stray rather far from the sometimes sterile, often abrasive, repetitious synths and anvil-basslines found across the spectrum of today’s EDM. Martone’s lullaby vocals are sweetly coiled around feel-good backing tracks, and calls for multiple repeats to gain optimal relishing of each tune. This is particularly true of “Love You I Do” and “This Love”. It is at this time when listeners can fully hear Martone’s undeclared mission to stay deep and maintain the fun.

With the originals and remixes to be found here, Martone gets to the root of emotion with “#TEOM (The Evolution of Martone) Deluxe Edition”.  The cardinal beats and sweeping melodies serve to summon the mature school of listener into his music cove. This album serves as an excellent addition to Martone’s growing catalogue of hits — and one that we think will be on heavy rotation on the dance floor this Summer!

The album is scheduled to be released on July 15, 2016  prior to the sale date the album will be available on two weeks prior (July 1, 2016).


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