Joey Danger: “Stars” pushes the indie audiovisual plateau up to an incredible new peak!

New York based Joey Danger (Joseph Anthony Stuller) is a penta-threat – a recording artist, music producer, video director, graphic artist and photographer. Joey has released two solo albums and has worked with a host of important artists, international models and various magazines within his various artistic spheres.

Currently recording his new album, Joey Danger has released the single “Stars”, along with its supporting video clip. Out of the box, Joey’s latest single definitely lived up to my expectations of what I thought a  Joey Danger track should sound like, and what one of his music videos should look like, considering his range of artistic talents – the results are nothing short of awesome!

Joey Danger
Joey Danger

That Joey is an incredibly talented producer, artist and producer, with a very smooth style all of his own is evident on “Stars” – a passion-driven song delivered in a breath of futuristic imagery and growling bass lines. The track, which is a crossover between Darkwave, Trap influences and Pop sounds, is very catchy and spirit-lifting.

Fasten your seatbelt as Joey takes you on an astonishingly creative and jaw-dropping audio-video experience with “Stars”. Hardly will you find this kind of quality in the indie industry – not due to lack of creativity, but simply due to the lack of technical expertise – Something which Joey Danger obviously has in abundance.

He has pushed the plateau up to an incredible new peak for independent musicians and visual artists, with both the audio and video versions of “Stars”– Proving that indie artists can produce professionally excellent quality in these camps. Creating solid music productions has become a norm for the do-it-yourself music artist, with all the technology at hand.

But visual material is usually still a few notches under what the major label artists are having produced with their bigger budgets. Joey Danger has just cut to the core with this track, probably leaving many dazed and stunned wondering what the hell just happened to their ears and eyes. It’s rather simple – creative talent just happened!

The only difference is Joey didn’t just dream up the music and video for “Stars” – he literally executed the concept in all of its facets – singing like his life depended on it, and creatively backing up that voice with best means possible for him. Under these ideal creative conditions, the sky is the limit for Joey Danger, and just how high he intends flying in it, depends entirely on himself now!


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