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Jai’dynn & Pai’tynn – “Tippy Tippy Top” – fun, clean, and concerned with the positive aspects of living

Sisters, child models, and entertainers. Jai’dynn & Pai’tynn are originally from Baltimore, Maryland, transplanted to Phoenix, Arizona at the ages of 4 and 5, where they currently reside. Two years after their arrival, they promptly started their careers, initially focusing their attention on the modelling and acting spheres. However it was their ability to sing and dance that put them on the pathway to start creating music. Hence the two precocious talents, who can be seen in various ad campaigns for brands such as Zara Kids, Abercrombie Kids, The Week Junior, GCU, Sheen Magazine, and more, set about releasing their fun-styled debut single, “Tippy Tippy Top”.

“If I want it, Ima get it, I got willpower,” sing Jai’dynn & Pai’tynn on the opening lines of “Tippy Tippy Top”, which just about sums up their all-round positive attitude. You can’t deny that their brand of pure and innocent music has the potential of connecting with the masses. Especially in a troublesome time where music is contaminated by the negative atrocities of human behavior. Jai’dynn & Pai’tynn shed a whole new light on the Rap and Hip-hop aesthetic.

 “Tippy Tippy Top”, is fun, clean, and concerned with the positive aspects of living, where the focus is on those seemingly insignificant things in life we mostly overlook, but which form important pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that adds an affirmative sense to our daily existence. The girls express these concepts in simple terms, narrating the essence and experiences of their own lifestyles.

Through the song, “Tippy Tippy Top”, Jai’dynn & Pai’tynn convey a healthy sense of belonging, of being part of a caring family, sharing love, having faith, and working hard to achieve their goals. All essential core values for living a harmonious life. Something most of their musical peers have quit elaborating on, in favor of less noble ethics and more worldly gain. Hence “Tippy Tippy Top” is like a fresh breath of air in a constantly suffocating environment.

The young girls’ youthful exuberance draws you right into their world, and this, combined with the versatile, bright and bouncing production, suggests we’re dealing with real talents who will only keep growing as artists.

Their pure and transparent vision of life, is capable of transporting you to a better place within your own mindset. Sounds kind of wonderful doesn’t it? But kids usually have that kind of effect on people, so why not bring that direct simplicity, back into music, which has been all but lost recently.

So if you at first assume that “Tippy Tippy Top” is aimed at their own generation of growing kids, as an inspiring and uplifting fun anthem, you won’t be wrong. But don’t be surprised by the power of Jai’dynn & Pai’tynn to spread their positive mantra to all who listen to their music or watch their videos, regardless of age.

Jai’dynn & Pai’tynn are more than just two cute little sisters flexing their talents. They’re on a mission to be the best versions of themselves they can be – at work, at play, and in life. They’re aiming to be “Tippy Tippy Top”.


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