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Grit Harbour: “WILD” grows on you with every listen

Grit Harbour are busy honing their skills, creating music that has soul, feeling, and ideas.

James Markas (Vocals), Corey Klass (Guitars), Quincy Markas (Keyboards), Troy Markas (Drums) and Ryan Klass (Guitars) aka Grit Harbour, grew up in the suburbs, and lived in the clouds, listening to many artists such as Nirvana, Marvin Gaye, Bob Dylan, & The Beatles. Grit Harbour have the balls to dig deep, look back, experiment and bring something new to the table.

Their artistic vision is made tangible through a predominantly acoustic driven sound. While other bands try to stay abreast of the ever-increasing music technology, Grit Harbour are busy honing their skills, creating music that has soul, feeling, and ideas. They’ve locked the door on today’s overproduced, gimmicky mainstream fodder and threw away the key, to create whatever they see fit – which merits even more respect.  They know that true music fans want to hear intimate recordings by creative forces, which is exactly what Grit Harbour bring us on their 15-track album – “WILD”.

The first cut “On A Quiet Roof” presents a guitar-picking number. By the end of that song, they slip into “I’m Down”, a powerful psychedelic track to stun listeners. “Aint’ Losing You” is quick and experimental. But I have to say, it’s “Somewhere In The Night” that sinks it’s hook into me. Slowly sung over a double-quick drumbeat, it’s actually very catchy, and stands in stark contrast to the previous cuts.

Up next is “Come On Soul” where James sings ever so passionately over a Dylan-ish harmonica. It’s one of the warmest songs on the album. But then comes my personal favorite, “Weather Changin”.  This nonchalant, almost off-hand, soulful swagger is simply irresistible in it’s execution. “I’ll Show You” is fantastically driven by piano and electric guitar; from there on out the album just gains momentum, getter better and better; where other standouts include “Sometimes”, “The Way You Move” and “It’s Yours Again”.

Needless to say, I am quite impressed with “WILD”. Personally, I would be in heaven if all of my favorite bands made albums the way Grit Harbour do. They go heads and shoulders above other bands in the retro or alternative-rock circuit.

“WILD” expands on what Grit Harbour music is all about; making songs that take us beyond our own expectations, while retaining its raw beauty and honesty. This album grows on you with every listen and if you give it a chance you will find songs that you won’t be able to get out of your head. They range from blues-rock, folk, Americana, to the power trios of the 60’s and 70’s. You have fifteen unrestrained tracks, full of emotion and depth that run the gambit of musical genres. This is where the surprises and brilliance come in when listening to “WILD”!

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