EY(EM)USIC: “Starlight/New Day” breaks barriers and blend styles!

EY(EM)USIC consists of Quotes and J.Sin, two rappers from Martinsville, Virginia that decided they wanted to do more than just thew tradition style. With this project they reached out to multiple genres to complete it. The songs are a blend of pop, soul, rap and rock with a strong hint of experimental threads thrown in. They break down many barriers which are usually built around rap. The duo, of Quotes and J.Sin, steered away from the norm to give us a damn near classic. The flow is ill, and his rhymes are rough, rugged, and easygoing. A major reason why this album is sick, is the production.

EY(EM)USIC would appear, on the surface, to have jumped on the “let’s try some odd combinations and see if they work” bandwagon. Not that this is a bad thing, but on closer listening, the album reveals the first of its many secrets. The 13 tracks on “Starlight/New Day” are organized so that Quotes and J.Sin can demonstrate their skills in performing many different styles. All the tracks on this album are moving in some way or another.

EY(EM)USIC-400However the standout tracks for me seem to be the quieter, acoustic-guitar induced, reflective tracks. “Buried”, “Death In A Pen” and “Unredeemed”, all have the effect of making the listener stop and take stock of the situation. “New Day” ft Killa J & Demarco King is another outstanding track in this vein that creates a contemplative feeling.

EY(EM)USIC have the creativity, artistic sense and sheer guts to put out hard hitting experimental tracks too; “The Goods”, “Slave Masters” and “Starlight” being exceptional examples of this innovative direction. Unlike some rappers out there, Quotes and J.Sin seem to have chosen a determined path, creativity-wise, as they venture into lyrical and musical territory many musicians would not even attempt to try.

With gritty and heartache-refined voices, EY(EM)USIC break barriers and blend styles, dragging the soul out of hip hop and the rap out of rock. Quotes and J.Sin are very talented artists, and the “Starlight/New Day” album really showcases their talent. It is emotional with heartfelt lyrics, and great music. I particularly like the variety of musical sounds on this album. It has some cool beats, as well nice acoustics on various tracks. Moreover , EY(EM)USIC rock it from the top to the bottom.

EY(EM)USIC explores so many genres on this album that it is unbelievable. However their musical fusion never lets up for a second and this sense of focus makes it a consistent album. The songwriting is top notch, using simple words to describe complex emotions, which develop great storytelling. You get melodies, parts and breakdowns that you just don’t expect, which is great. Just check this album out to hear something you probably can’t find anywhere else, it’s pure EY(EM)USIC and that’s all you need!

The album is available for purchase at cdbaby.com and will be on iTunes and Google Play very soon. Keep your eyes open.



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