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Esther Dorcas Y.W. Wong: ‘Sounds of Freedom’ – warm and resonant electronics with a faintly classical glow!

Born in Hong Kong, Esther Dorcas Y.W. Wong, is a composer, arranger, music teacher and music therapist. Her style of music blends the modern with the traditional; from orchestral, instrumental, electronica, ambient to world fusion. In 2015 Esther has released her third album ‘Sounds of Freedom’, which she says, “explores a musical world without restrictions on instrumentation, articulation, harmony and form.” The recordings employ traditional instruments from around the world as well as modern synthesizers and electronic instruments.

Sounds of Freedom’ changes style from one recording to the next- from the Middle Eastern influenced melody of Let it Rain to the street-wise rhythms of Urbanized and the Far Eastern beat-driven amalgam of Chinese New Year Fusion. Though fully layered musically and rhythmically energetic, each track evolves into a relaxing, gentle soundscape which artfully evokes the softer side of the listener’s psyche. The 10 tracks, seems like spacewalk through serene, gravity-free realms that consistently yields a sustained sense of well-being and calm. Deserving of a spot at the of head table with ambient music’s most sophisticated sound designers, Esther Dorcas Y.W. Wong creates slowly unfolding universal textures, using both electronic and organic sonic dimensions.

Esther Dorcas Y.W. Wong
Esther Dorcas Y.W. Wong

And she sidesteps the small dramas and mysterious fractals that sometimes add a hint of uncertainty to the otherwise like-minded works of various world music or ambient composers. Happily, you’ll hear few new-agey, clichéd instruments; just a warm, resonant, faintly classical glow, skillfully designed for relaxation and listening pleasure. This album has gently changing tones that ease in and out, cascade, and encircle the listener.

In some wonderful way, tracks like World of Wonders, Modernly Ancient and Voice of Passion provides the escape that unlock doors and bring forth ideas. Very little music today has the ability to create images in the mind such as Esther’s. Wouldn’t the world be a nicer place if only more people would take the time to listen to her music instead of listening to daily news stories. This lovely collection of pieces allows the listener to sink into a rich, series of musical arrangements, which are never predictable or repetitive.

Apart from composing all the tracks, Esther also mixed and mastered the album, displaying her 360° artistic capabilities. If you are looking for music and songs that have melody, rhythm, are both uplifting and relaxing, as well as being able to caress the soul, you will be hard pressed to find a better crossover indie composer than Esther Dorcas Y.W. Wong. Her mix of electronic and traditional driven music has a way that will touch your Spirit; it will take you to various places in your mind and heart. Some tracks will get you happy and energetic, some will get you into a loving state, some will get you chilled, and then others will put you into an almost meditative state. Absolutely sublime!


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