Eli Purks: “Can’t Stop Me” – a track of genuine intent!

That I’m a sucker for the sentimental side of things is not to say that the meatier moments are any less potent. Raised on a staple diet of classic rock, I can effortlessly change gear, and get spirited on anything great. “Can’t Stop Me”, by Eli Purks, ventures well inside of pop territory…and its great!

He’s an artist that enjoys his craft – weaving soul, blues, Americana and rock into an easily appreciated pop message; it’s not difficult to see his appeal. And while some may suggest that by writing popular and infectious melodies artists are less entitled to respect, there is enough substance here to warrant continued interest in Eli’s development.

Eli Purks
Eli Purks

So, he should fare well under all the attention being heaped upon him. This is a track of genuine intent, full of poignant reflections on his present, and his future. It’s got heart. And that’s enough for starters. It is clever, relatable moments such as “Can’t Stop Me” that makes Eli’s music more than a pleasant listen with tremendous potential.

He is an artist who thrives off of passion and raw emotion as opposed to being particularly complex or verbose. Eli’s success also benefits from his personal connections to his songs.

“Can’t Stop Me” once again consolidates Eli Purks’ artistry from the get-go, presenting him as gritty, invested, and ambitious. Couple Eli’s artistic ambition, with that which he sings of here, and the first impression is a solid punch, whether it’s a knockout or not.

Ultimately, Eli Purks checks off most of boxes on any of his releases. He has a sensational voice, he has unquestionable passion, and even if the material should be any less than alluring, which up until now has not happened, he still has the potential to shine through.

On “Can’t Stop Me”, Eli shows he is more than able to match the sheer fire of his previous tracks. And on each fresh release he is always treading new ground. Quite frankly his pieces are just too good to resist, as Eli Purks always has plenty to offer.


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