Dubgee – “Truth” infuses diverse elements while still crafting Hip Hop at its core

Doug Tree better known as Dubgee is a rapper, producer, beat maker, and label owner, from Vancouver, Canada. As an old school hip hop head, I’m so thankful that I stumbled on to his latest album “Truth”. Dubgee is a genuine artist and a true musician. Whether the media pays attention or not, at this point there are enough people who can hear the truth – we are witnessing one of the more versatile artists in the genre. Dubgee’s inner confessional memoir style is reminiscent of Eminem. A style that creates descriptively terrifying wordplay, but refrains in his subtle and undoubtedly potent storytelling. Even more effective, is Dubgee’s powerful nuanced presence, making the tracks delightfully more hard-hitting.

“Truth” gives a fierce and talented taste of Dubgee’s range as a rapper. Flexing his bars, the track jumps out with energy. From a creative standpoint, the artist does all he could possibly do. Dubgee has a knack for infusing diverse elements into his music while still crafting Hip Hop at its core. The proof is easily verifiable on the soul-infested bang of “Let the Music Heal Me” ft. Tiago Vasqusz, the instrumental, “Coffee and C.R.E.A.M”, and then the percussive driven “Hustle Harder”.

There is an impressive amount of work done with his vocals, as Dubgee proves himself to be just as capable behind the boards, as he is behind the mic, but it’s ultimately his writing that shines just as bright. I think this is a prime example of how much of a dedicated artist he is. The storytelling on is top-notch, on the inspirational and empowering “Gotta”, which comes just before the Rhythm & Blues inflected instrumental, “Lunch Break”.

“Maria” is another highly lit narrative, showcasing Dubgee’s sharp wordplay and tireless flow. He gets even better on “Time for Some Action” unleashing a flurry of mind-boggling rhymes, without catching his breath. Every line he delivers from the first to the last feels like a roller coaster and machine gun combined.

“Not Enough” keeps the momentum going, before the banging instrumental “Hittin’ My Stride” kicks in. Up next is the eclectic “Off Duty” ft. Jakub Evolved, before the album closes with the Dire Straits sampled “Money’s Worth Nothing”, which also keeps Dubgee’s dazzling lyrical tirades on point with a plethora of verses that are damn near impossible to discredit.

Dubgee has returned with another fresh album chock full of sounds and rhythm, bringing with him some intense flow and great lyrics. Dubgee has created a piece that is made with a lot of effort, care and time. Full of sonically dynamic production that’s always trying to impress with new tricks, Dubgee masterfully does great work with the cards in his deck.

Meanwhile, each featured appearance feels meaningful and enhances the full vision for the track they’re on. For those who’ve been following along with his journey, “Truth” is the culmination of the promise and potential Dubgee has shown throughout the years. The album is consistent with both production and lyrics and can be cemented as one of the artist’s best works.



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