Brittney Dixon – “Ride Out” demonstrates the deep, unrecognized kinship of Country, R&B and Soul!

Ablaze Entertainment artist, Brittney Dixon, is a bright spot in popular country music as she blends its traditional mainstream appeal with raunchy R&B and gritty Soul flavors on her debut single, “Ride Out”. Adding flame to the sonic fire, is the fact that Brittney is classically trained, and has sang for the Shreveport Opera, in her home town of Shreveport, Louisiana. Brittney has also gained additional experience as a backup singer performing on the road, writing in her spare time, rehearsing choreography and vocals, all while balancing a work/home life.

Not that we should, or have any interest, in categorizing artists by their race, but it is unusual to see an Afro-American such as Brittney Dixon excel in a genre-blend not commonly associated with her demographic. All of which makes “Ride Out” so much more interesting.

The reason country music should openly welcome such a diverse voice within its ranks is the way this can help naturally break down any barriers.

Brittney Dixon’s “Ride Out” delivers a bucketful of soulful panache, tenacity and true grit, as she spits her claim:  “Hey hey we gonna ride out. We bout to hit the rodeo scene. Looking good in my tight blue jeans. Bout to watch them Cowboys lean, with them big belt buckles, if you know what I mean.”

Though “Ride Out” is an upbeat, non-stop barnyard burner, Brittney Dixon ably demonstrates the deep, unrecognized kinship of country, R&B and Soul. To be fair, Brittney has the voice and charisma to be a star in any of the aforementioned styles.

Embracing everything she is, as opposed to everything we think she should be, Brittney comes out of the gate on fire, riding the racing beat with ease. Her voice soars and skyrockets above the pounding rhythm and twanging strings of the banjo.

Not your run-of-the-mill country track by any measure, Brittney Dixon has stepped up and grabbed her moment in the spotlight here, seamlessly entwining her natural gifts into “Ride Out”.

Brittney has kicked her debut off to a rolling start, with this single, putting the guitars and crisp percussion in an immediate rush, while simultaneously creating a soulful glitter in her powerful vocal delivery. She stirs a passionate cocktail of vibrant elements that unsurprisingly and subsequently will earn her some serious attention.

Brittney Dixon’s genuine charm will be spell casting many with her signature and tasty crossover fillings, enthralling even the most diehard classic country music devotee.

On the other hand, Brittney’s “Ride Out” will open the door to country music for many who still haven’t acquired a taste for the genre. She captures the exhilarating joy of the rodeo world, weaving pure soul into the core of the song.

From the throbbing melody to the bold, self-determined lyrics, Brittney Dixon seems to be encouraging people to get out from under the weight of the world and have fun, just like she does.

“We gone ride out Cowboy fresh and clean. Dust them boots off and hit the scene,” sounds like an inspiring and an affirmative declaration. Brittney is undoubtedly contributing her powerful voice to a revolution in country music.

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Contact Brittney Dixon: Ablaze Entertainment Inc.  (213) 332 – 8663

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