Bones N Haych – “Industry Invasion” is full of fire!

Bones N Haych are a newly formed rap duo from the UK, consisting of G-Bones, from the south coast and, Haychkay, from the midlands area. Their debut EP is entitled “Industry Invasion”. From the opening track the vibe has a Shady-styled temper and fire, as the rappers drop bar after bar enhanced by honed lyrical and technical ability. This whole recording is absolute perfection. These dudes are pissed and this EP is their vessel to deliver scathing messages to all the rappers, industry insiders and people who are literally bringing the game to its knees. But there are also personal and universal topics delivered with caustic insight. The beats are dark and heavy, probably among some of my favorites I’ve heard this year. They’re also fully utilizing their blistering chopping, delivering half the EP at lightning pace.

“Crazy” ft. Meterz opens the proceedings. The atmosphere is malicious, hard hitting and effective with the ferocious speed-raps and mature delivery coming forth. It is a rush of adrenaline and confidence, and serves effectively as an introduction to Bones N Haych’s acute side which is in juxtaposition to Meterz’ gravelly delivery.

“On Let Me Sleep” ft. Sammi, Bones N Haych genuinely and unflinchingly express their thoughts and emotions, while Sammi brings on the melody in the hook. “Grammys” (Prod. DJ Pain 1) brings the heat as the duo deliver disdain and anger about the state of the rap industry, openly to the public.

I think this generation may be too impatient to actually understand the articulation of what Bones N Haych do here. So keep your fingers close to the replay button and run it through again, each time you don’t catch the meaning, because the rappers are going so fast. These two fellas are tired of the same old story in hip hop, so they aim to change the narrative.

While all the new mumble rappers are killing the rap game, we’re left with two Brits who want to save the industry. They come out aggressive and abrasive on “Write My Name” ft. Anonymous, just in case you think that they’re kidding.

In true old school fashion, Bones N Haych beat the brain senseless with an oral onslaught, before moving onto “Shakespeare”. This presents a triumphant assault, and it takes multiple listens to truly take in all the content.

Bones N Haych are artists, in the classic sense. No matter how harsh, with their verbal brushes they paint stories that entertain, humor and inspire. Something that comes across clearly on “Don’t Need You”, where they show what hip hop is supposed to be.

Another example of speedy, gutsy, accusatory and salacious rhymes come through on the title track, “Industry Invasion”, which finds the rappers on overdrive.  It’s full of fire and full of Bones N Haych’s always-impressive skill. The EP finishes out with “Ghosts”.

The duo delivers variants on their routine over this final track, while finding new hooks, greater rates of syllable delivery, and fresh annoyances to zero in on. Proving once again that they’re great at what they do.


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