904DadLife – “Kevin’s Song” is turbo-charged with emotion!

904DadLife Productions’ single, “Kevin’s Song” is outstanding in every sense of the word, and it is that way, because the original female version of the song, “A Little More Mad Than Sad”, was stunning to start with. Dropped a few months back, the original version left us in awe, due to the heartfelt introspective lyrics, the bared-boned piano-driven musical backdrop, the nuanced and immersive melody, and the jaw-dropping vocal interpretation by the female feature. The immediate questions that arose were as follows: “Can you make a perfectly impactful song better? And secondly, why would you even dare?”

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Firstly, to understand the present, you need to be aware of the past. 904DadLife Productions is the project of a 35 year-old dad of 2, who has been married for 10 years and sober for 2 – the first time since he was 16.

904DadLife is involved in songwriting, music production, publishing and custom apparel. The project’s website is also a meeting hub for dads from all walks of life to share their experiences and encourage each other towards living a better, positive and fuller existence.

904DadLife is also a music label that strives to release not only entertaining music, but also meaningful songs. “Little More Mad Than Sad”, written and produced by 904DadLife for a friend lost to the demons of substance abuse, perfectly encapsulated the project’s aspirations.

In essence, “Kevin’s Song” takes everything that was excellent about the original version – lyrically, musically and melodically – and adds a spectacular male voice to interpret another devasting and affecting narrative.

“Kevin’s Song” is melodramatic, and powerfully overwhelming in its vocal execution, but in an absolutely positive way, which suits the song perfectly. On the most barren and minimal of sound canvasses, the track becomes an epic unto itself.

What ensues in the narrative is a flood of heartbreaking memories unfolding personal anecdotes of a life lived, suffered and lost. As a whole, “Kevin’s Song” is turbo-charged with emotion and makes you ponder your own existential choices for hours on end.

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As usual 904DadLife Productions achieves its proposed goal with “Kevin’s Song”. The recording unpacks the traumas of loss, leaving its audience emotionally caught up in the lyrically imagery and the mesmerizing sonic sheen of the impacting voice and the haunting music.

The incredible vocals and passionate delivery, is what puts this song into the stratosphere. Moreover, it has been meticulously written and carefully crafted in every aspect.

We become so entrenched in our favorite songs that sometimes meaning gets swallowed up by style and sound. 904DadLife skillfully balanced everything perfectly to make sure meaning is never lost in “Kevin’s Song”.  It is that rare feat of catching lightning in a bottle. Something that 904DadLife has incredibly managed to repeat after “A Little More Mad Than Sad”.  Pure perfection from a songwriting, vocal and musical perspective.

It’s interesting to note that 904DadLife is in the process of completing and releasing an album, which is destined to bring us a rich collection of stunning songs. Connect at 904Dadlife.com and 904Dadlife all social outlets.

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