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Yonas Prayudhi: “Sixth Sense” delivers powerful lyrics with a raw, edgy, body moving tune!

Yonas Prayudhi is a singer, songwriter, and musician based in Surabaya, Indonesia. He is a one-man band who writes and records all of his music. In addition to singing and songwriting, Yonas has a knack for melodic guitar, audio engineering, and more. When he isn’t creating music, Yonas enjoys taking pictures and currently is an active photographer. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature. As a creative and multitalented musician, Yonas aims to create music that inspires others. His very first EP is entitled “Emotional Harmony”, and he recently released a single track called “Sixth Sense.”

Yonas-Prayudhi-SS-CoverIt took a high level of justified self-confidence for Yonas Prayudhi to follow his blockbuster EP with a track one that gives a nod to its predecessor while at the same time going above and beyond. Yonas shows the resilience of a brilliant performer, by displaying the maturity of songwriting and composition in a new release that gives his debut a run. “Sixth Sense” is a must have for anyone who still believes that the sound of rock will never die, even when it has been pushed into a corner by just about every other musical genre out there. Yonas is a very enthusiastic rocker, but this track proves he has the vocals to be a singer as well as an entertainer.

Yonas Prayudhi creates music that takes fans back to an era of rock that was both genuine and creative at once. He delivers powerful lyrics with raw, edgy, body moving tunes. Like all musical genres, rock has become somewhat tired and originality is often hard to find. At most, an artist sounds like a dozen other artists, and the songs tend to sound alike. Yonas’ music is a step above the rest, because despite a characteristic rock voice and sound, he has enough musical and lyrical variation to keep you interested. Something he achieves with “Sixth Sense”.  You really cannot get much better in terms of tightly constructed, concisely written rock songs powered by relentless riffs and melodic hooks.

This single is a simple proposition; it absolutely accomplishes what it sets out to do. So if you’re into catchy, often aggressive guitar rock with soaring, emotive vocals, look no further. “Sixth Sense” is quintessential. If you are a lover of rock music, as I am, then this is an obvious choice for your collection.

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