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The Flying Cruisers blurs the lines between a wide range of blues and rock influences

The Flying Cruisers is a band with a distinctive sound, which blurs the lines between heavy alternative rock and other styles. In fact, the group’s music blurs the lines between a wide range of influences, while still retaining a direct and decisive sound with teeth and sharp claws. From the immediacy of blues-rock, to the melodic appeal of some of the best old-school hard rock, anything goes. The band strikes for its cohesive sound, and the music stands out due to the fact that the performance feels human and warm, as opposed to an overproduced studio concoction.

Recently, The Flying Cruisers set out to finish working on a brand new release titled ‘My Town’. You should definitely check this out if you are a fan of artists like Wolfmother, Greta Van Fleet, Velvet Revolver, and Queens Of The Stone Age, only to mention a few. ‘My Town’ is a great example of the chemistry that binds the band members, and a calling card for The Flying Cruisers as a band to watch.

If this song was slower and performed with an acoustic guitar, you could pretty much call it a classic delta blues number. Instead, this is kind of like a super-charged, dirtier version of that bluesy formula, with the guitar riffs bringing the grime to the max with some juicy fuzz tones reminiscent of early tone-bender or fuzz face type tones.

In addition to that the lead vocals are very present, offering a clean approach that contrasts beautifully with the grit of the instrumentals. The drums are nuanced, yet every hit strikes like a gunshot, complementing the thunderous impact of the bass. This is a heavy rock song, but it is also very groove-driven, giving a dance-friendly element to the beat, kind of like what you would expect from influential bands like Queens Of The Stone Age or Eagles Of Death Metal, among others.

Their music is dynamic and raw, yet rounded around the edges in terms of great melodies and thoughtful arrangements that drive the intensity of the mix without necessarily making any compromise when it comes to the group’s integrity and edgy attitude. Learn more about The Flying Cruisers, and do not miss out on My Town, which is currently available on the web’s best digital music streaming services. The Flying Cruisers, and do not miss out on My Town, which is currently available on the web’s best digital music streaming services.


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