Successful Online Platform Songwriter Connect Purchased By Florida-Based BBF Technology Inc. from Ireland’s Music Connect Ltd.

BBF plans numerous user upgrades and enhancements to the established service within the next six months.

Established online platform Songwriter Connect has been sold by Ireland-based Music Connect Ltd. to Florida’s BBF Technology Inc. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Under BBF Technology, Songwriter Connect will continue to enhance the successful platform, with numerous enhancements planned within the next six months. They include separating its membership by constraining the current number of geographic locations and/or genres. Each group will maintain a maximum number of 500 members. In addition, the service will provide a lower tier membership for those not accepted into its “elite groups,” while also providing educational and training services with tutorials on improving skills as a songwriter, learning ins & outs of the music business and accessing industry discounts.

BFF will also add a Top Six Songwriter list at no cost for one top songwriter chosen bi-monthly. This honour will remain for the long term on the website, organized and listed by month. Other enhancements include simplification of logins, with enhanced security, and additional discounts, affiliations and subscriber opportunities.

Songwriter Connect was founded in spring 2014 by Chris Erhardt and Mylene Besancon and incorporated as Music Connect Ltd. Their reason for the sale was to fully concentrate on their primary enterprise; US based SongCat LLC, a top rated online music production company. In selling Songwriter Connect, they mandated that the appropriate new owner would ensure that the service is left in good technical hands. “It is our hope that the website will continue to expand and offer a reliable source of information, opportunities and education for songwriters… We are confident that Leonard Bryan of BBF Technology has the right skill sets and experience to provide an outstanding experience to current and future members of Songwriter Connect,” the founding pair said.

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