Sophia Dias – “Bullet-Proof”: The Beacon Of Light for Victims

‘Bullet-Proof’ is Sophia Dias’ debut album, released just in time for the holidays. She advocates domestic violence through a seven-track album that entertains and empowers women. This album features several singles, including ‘Bullet Proof’, ‘Unfuckwittable’, ‘Ghetto Arms’, ‘Sara Room 3010’, ‘Stronger Than Before’, ‘Unplugged’, and ‘Why’. Following the release of her album, she published an electronic version of her autobiography, Bullet Proof (Blindee Preuve). The Bullet Proof album is currently available on all key music streaming services.

With time, she found solace in music and used it as a form of therapy. She spoke openly about the abuse she suffered from her previous marriage, which left her stranded in a foreign country with no means of support. According to Sophia, the songs on Bullet-Proof are motivating and inspiring and are, in general, fantastic to listen to as a whole. They show that I can cope with great adversity and am not easily fazed by it.

Clive Hunt And Sophia co-produce ‘Bullet-Proof’. Her entire album, she noted, was recorded at Tuff Gong Studios in Kingston due to her admiration for Bob Marley, which is why she worked with Shane Brown to make it happen. While boarding school in England, Sophia Dias often listened to the Reggae Icon. Having been fascinated by his work, she visited Jamaica often and called it her “second home.”

Bullet Proof: A Way to Get Over Abuse

“Bullet Proof” does not reflect me,” she explained, “but rather a period of time in my past when I had to undergo a great deal of pain and torture.” This album will resonate with domestic violence victims who have been physically, psychologically, or emotionally abused by their partners. We have to fight this brutal crime. Sophia came out of what she thought was the end of her life, and this album serves as a voice for others going through the same thing. If you are experiencing a similar situation and feel like you’re going nowhere, she strongly recommended you read Bulletproof.

She struggled during the COVID as a result of an abusive marriage. She plans to follow up with a film about her abusive marriage to an American millionaire, which led to her sleeping on the streets after the marriage ended. She described the film as “introducing a character who is both nefarious and self-centered.” By sharing her experiences, she hopes to inspire others to overcome spousal abuse.

Apart from singing, Sophia is a philanthropist, fashion designer, chef, and an author who was raised in Goa and England. In addition to designing sunglasses and clothes, she also sold them, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Madonna House in Chicago, a charity. Sophia says there’s always something in her that makes her give back, especially to women who have suffered domestic abuse. That is why she creates awareness about her own brand and other people’s brands.

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Sophia Dias – Unplugged (Official Video)

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