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Rumia releases her debut album ‘Forget Me Not’

Indie-pop artist Rumia, releases her debut album ‘Forget Me Not’. A masterful melancholic pop album where innocence, longing and heartbreak are vulnerably assembled.

The album explores the impact of first love and childhood dreams. Starting with ‘Tango’ a song that introduces a relationship from years ago, a past love Rumia already shared in singles like ‘What a Show’, also working as a greeting to the listener ‘Nice to see you’re doing well/ I know time has changed/ but you still look the same’.

In contrast, the album finishes with ‘Simone’, part of the childhood storyline – a song about a nightmare Rumia had when she was little. From her younger years, we’re given ‘If I Ever See You Again’ where Rumia meditates on her youth – “And write your future down in the palm of your hand/ Your name in big capital letters so you understand”. A trip down memory lane expressing everything she would say to her past self. What begins as mourning “That sometimes it can be hard to breathe in even knowing the air is still there” turns into a hymn to be a dreamer “But you have everything to win”.

In between, other tracks include ‘The Best Lines’, a cinematic body of work which is the lead single of the album. Balancing love and heartbreak, Rumia shares memories from a past relationship, “cause I know I’ll find you there in our late nights/ in a red car parked under dim lights”. The heart-in-hand lyrics and dreamy guitar riffs turns the record into a poetic time capsule – “you broke my heart ten years ago but you still make the best lines” – a bittersweet farewell as she watches love fade.

Overall ‘Forget Me Not’ results in a deeply intimate record, where Rumia reveals her authentic self by sharing real experiences and heartaches. A delicate balance between heart-beating drums and a more melancholic lyrical focus. Influenced by a wide range of genres like 90’s trip-hop and Taylor Swift’s last albums, Rumia is to be a presence in the indie pop scene.


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