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Royal T: “I’m Free” – mixes a smooth rap style with clean Christian lyrics

From the group Priest-Hood Family, in Memphis, TN, comes Gospel Rapper Thomas Stewart III, who goes by the name of Royal T. He has traveled all across the country, from Michigan to Florida and Alabama to Atlanta, and enjoys giving God the Praise through music. Royal T has an upcoming Gospel mixtape entitled, “My Thesis” One of the featured songs from this mixtape is called, “I’m Free”

Royal T
Royal T

The lyrics are thoughtfully written, tightly woven and consistent. It’s clear that this man knows both his hip-hop and his God. Not only is the name of the Lord uplifted in each and every rhyme, but, Thomas Stewart III aka Royal T spins a web of tight, well-crafted lyrics of a superior quality, accompanied by great beat and hook.

You can “feel” the ministry from this track and you immediately get the impression that Royal T is serious about ministry through music, as he mixes smooth style with clean Christian lyrics and a good transitional beat.

This dude isn’t a half-stepper or luke-warmer Christian trying to get fame, if he was he wouldn’t say the things he says in his raps. Our sin culture is the complete opposite of this anointed and educated rap music. Royal T thoroughly delivers the gospel using the same tolols used by secular rap artists; tight metaphors, similes, beats and hooks. Only he keeps things humble and the focus on the Lord.

Royal T provides something new and fresh on the hip-hop scene because he chooses to proclaim a different message than money, power, and sex – the current staples in the diet of hip-hop nowadays. Instead, the Royal T chooses to dish up another type of spiritual food. Those loving commercial hip-hop and its recycled topics nowadays may be apprehensive at first… but once they have open eyes, open ears, while listening and searching for the truth, “I’m Free” will be exactly what they need!

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