Pete Vagabond – “Without You” (feat. Kireina Michan) – melodic, progressive house at its absolute best

Using an assortment of DAWs since childhood, Pete Vagabond has been making music for many years. Only recently did he decide to share my music. Inspired by what’s trending, combined with the sound of the 90’s, Vagabond makes electronic music, mostly with a definite progressive house twist. His latest single is “Without You” (feat. Kireina Michan). With an element old school candor, the best part of Pete Vagabond’s production is its uncanny ability to grow on you, stick in your head and stay there to the point that you just might find yourself humming the melody or bassline in the elevator, on the subway or pretty much anywhere you can think of. You can drop this in a DJ set with a guarantee of the dancefloor going insane to Vagabond’s throbbing, melodic, familiar yet intensely original sound.

“Without You” (feat. Kireina Michan) comes complete with beautiful synth patterns, warm bass and some haunting vocals from Kireina Michan, which make this very accessible to DJs looking for a track that will function beautifully as a set opener, closer or peak-time belter Pete Vagabond is truly a synth master and although some of his sounds do remind us of the classics from some 90’s productions, all have been tweaked to sound fresh and exciting in the forms they appear in here.

Clocking in at over 3 minutes and thirty seven seconds, “Without You” (feat. Kireina Michan) takes a catchy synth progression and lead vocal melody, and builds it in complexity and intensity while kicking into a 4/4 anthem, and peaking throughout the choruses before coming right back down to where it started.

Production-wise, this is a track that stands out from its more EDM-centered competition and that is where its beauty and value comes shining through.  This is melodic, progressive house at its absolute best; unleash it on a packed dancefloor and the audience should be all smiles.

Sonically, “Without You” (feat. Kireina Michan) beats the pants off of nearly anything else out there right now and that can be attributed to the time and effort Pete Vagabond has clearly spent mastering his performance and production tools and his uncanny knack for creating very simple melodic riffs that ebb and flow, grow and regress and evolve throughout each tracks length and arrangement.

Taking old school musical values, and new school technology into account, this track comes about as close to perfect as one could hope for. “Without You” (feat. Kireina Michan) is capable of bringing back that sense of wonder that you felt when you first experienced the joy that is dance music. It strikes a fine balance of effortless expanding synths and elegant uplifting vocals.

The track brings a reassuring chord progression to suddenly pivot into a euphoric chorus and firmly reiterate the genre of entrancing progressive house. Deeply woven into a fine fabric of quality electronic music, Pete Vagabond does everything right with this track, as “Without You” (feat. Kireina Michan) paves the ways for exiting future releases.


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