Paulie The Don: “I Got That Game” is banging and is real catchy too!

After many years of developing his own style, Paulie The Don brings his debut single “I Got That Game” to the table. Paulie The Don who is released through Always A Hit Productions LLC, and managed by Gotcha Back Management, is one of those kind of hip-hop artists that go way beyond the boundaries of usual rappers. The thing that makes him so special is that his creativeness isn’t controlled by what everyone else likes, he does things his way.

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Paulie The Don is a great up-and-coming artist that needs support to be successful and we should want to be a part of that. He experiments with different tones and sounds and shows us that he’s a multi-faceted character that isn’t going to just be the same type of boring, dull, rapper that gets too much air time on the radio talking about the same things. If you’re into Macklemore or Mac Miller, you’ll easily catch Paulie The Don’s drift. Besides, “I Got That Game” is banging and is real catchy too, no matter who you think he sounds like.

“I Got That Game” is expansive, spirited, and different. The track captivates the listener and the beat is pitted perfectly against the lyrics to evoke just the right emotion, while Paulie The Don weaves his lyrical web of smooth metaphors and sharp adjectives. He seems to be aware of his strengths, and crafts an extremely enjoyable track, which has the only defect of maybe being too short!

I was skeptical about this track before I got to listening to it, but honestly this has got great production, insightful, clever and humorous rhymes. Moreover Paulie The Don raps from the heart with passion and intensity like he’s never satisfied, and that’s almost always when the best music shines through for any artist. All we need to do right now is sit back and chill while Paulie The Don, together with his label and artist management team, consider releasing an album, so we can truly judge if he’s gone where he seems to be heading here!


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