One Song For World Peace by Indie Artist Craymo – New Reggae Pop Song Video

Indie Orlando singer/songwriter Craymo releases an inspirational new music video for the re-release single of his reggae pop song One Love One World (We Are One).  One Love One World is a heartfelt song promoting world peace, equality, love, tolerance, brotherhood and human rights. With all of the recent incidents of terrorism, mass shootings and senseless killing of innocent people and children, Craymo wants to start 2016 with a message and vision of love for the world.

The music video begins with children in Pang Liu Village in China who were taught English using One Love One World as a learning aid.  It is a thought provoking message of the power of a song to change people’s lives for the better.  Craymo produced and co-directed the music video along with Nathan McMahan of August Moon Productions. The Director of Photography is Brent Reynolds, also of August Moon Productions and was edited by Jason Barnes, all local central Florida film talents.

One Love One World (We Are One) world premiere music video is released January 1, 2016 on YouTube and all social media

One Love One World is from Craymo’s CD Cosmos available on iTunes

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