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Niq Venus Brings a Southern Spice To His Seattle Hip-Hop Flavor!

Born in Jackson, MS; Niq Venus brings a southern spice to his Seattle hip-hop flavor. Speaking on behalf of ones feeling stuck, portraying the infamous journey of learning life the hard way. Inspiring independence and tenacity in his listeners by connecting with topics such as death, drugs, crime, and homelessness. Niq takes everything he does as lessons towards the destination of life, love, and happiness.

The Yin/Yang in one, perplexed and distressed, Niq’s been knocking out house shows across Seattle along with desecrating Venues with the Collective TRUENTSEA. Growing in popularity and infamy Niq Venus is a force to be reckoned with.

“I got so many thoughts, music is my way to project them in a pleasant manner. My story is one I believe should be told. Follow me and my quest to shake the game up and blow a musical load.”Niq Venus

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