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Martial Simon Drops Electrifying Tech House Cover Of ‘Tu Vuò Fa’ L’Americano’

New York City is the hot spot when it comes to the music scene. So many talented artists build their careers in this location and you can find just about any genre. Leading the charge for the exponentially growing EDM sector is veteran DJ and producer, Martial Simon. By sharing his mixing talents with the world for over two decades, Martial has become an inspiration to his followers and emerging artists.

Making a colossal return in 2023, Martial’s newest project is his tech house cover of “Tu Vuò Fa’ L’Americano”. Released on his own label, GET SET Records, “Tu Vuò Fa’ L’Americano” kicks off with a driving bassline, filled with crisp snares and cymbals. The track seamlessly weaves in the original lyrics throughout, chopping up the vocals in certain sections to build excitement. As a whole, “Tu Vuò Fa’ L’Americano” is a fun, energetic house anthem that will have crowds shuffling across the dance floor.

Martial has a global influence when it comes to DJing. He has had residencies in Miami, LA, Chicago,  Las Vegas, St Maarten, The Hamptons and New York City, while touring across the world in exotic locations like Tel Aviv and the Caribbean Tour. Simon is also well-known for his expertise as a music producer. Having accumulated over 4 million streams, his works have been synced on MTV, Fox’s Good Day, and Summer House on Bravo. It is Martial’s versatility in blending slap house, bass house, electro dance-pop, nu disco, and more that makes him a superstar.

Martial Simon Bio:

New York City producer and DJ, Martial Simon is an elite spin-master and music creator. He has a natural ear for rhythm, and by incorporating his unique style into his productions and DJ sets, he designs a sound all on its own.

Actively working as a DJ over two decades, his popularity continues to soar. Martial plays a current remixed electronic style, incorporating the ever so popular classics, all of which keep the dance floor packed until dawn. His ability to please any crowd can only be described as his proverbial sixth sense.

As a producer, Martial Simon blends all time classics with house, creating an electro, slap house dance pop vibe. He maintains the unique ability to stay true to the roots of the dance floor by infusing classics with today’s electronic sounds.

Martial Simon Highlights

  • Over 4 million collective streams and 20M+ TikTok views
  • Versatile in slap house, bass house, electro dance-pop, deep house, and nu disco
  • Performed across the world at the Caribbean Tour, Tel Aviv in Israel, Lucky Strike in Phoenix, and more
  • Has had residencies in NYC, Miami, LA, Chicago, Las Vegas, The Hamptons and St Maarten
  • Founder of GET SET Records
  • Multiple syncs including Fox’s Good Day, Bravo’s Summer House, and MTV

Martial Simon Socials

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