Kenny Fame: “City Lights” – grab your jeans and T-shirt, check your hair and get ready to rock n’ roll!

That it has always been very hard to categorize indie-pop artist Kenny Fame, is no secret. This poet, singer-songwriter out of Harlem, NY, but now based in the UK, debuted with the CD “Kenny Fame: The First Album”, which was a mix of Indie-Folk, Urban-Funk, Country, Electronic and Dance-Pop. Fame has always had the unique ability, to blend indie and pop music into a mix of bold soundscapes, top 40 hooks, and metaphoric lyrics.

kenny-fame-city-coverLast year Kenny dropped a reworking of Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball”, then he went on to do an original funky single, entitled “Rejoyce”, which was produced and engineered by Jona Carson. From there Kenny Fame released a brand new album, “Fame Whore”, where he collaborated with various producers and writers, including Jona Carson, Roy Horan, Craig Levy and Roderick Derkson. Not satisfied, Kenny Fame’s went back to his great strength, which is performing heartfelt songs with worthwhile lyrics, which he promptly did on “Soul of a Man (Volume 1)”.

But the man is always on the move, musically, and with not so many places left for him to go to, he went to the one stone he has left unturned – rock n’ roll! So grab your jeans and T-shirt, check your hair and get ready to rock, Kenny Fame is fixing to take you back to the early days of rock n’ roll with the track, “City Lights”. To be fair, the song has a medium paced bounce, as well as traces of a slight Country influence, which is mostly due to the twangy electric guitar lines. This puts the track squarely in Buddy Holly territory.

Except this is the sound of rockabilly Buddy Holly minus the pops and whirrs of old tapes and old records. And just like Buddy’s songs, the way Kenny constructs and performs his tracks are sensational. You can play the song over and over and never get sick of it. That’s because in amidst all the rhythm and rhyme, there is plenty of melody popping around. “City Lights” is a fine example of no computerized polishing of the rhythms. You can hear the strumming of the guitar, and there is nothing better than hearing that human side to a song. Add that’s what Kenny Fame achieves here with “City Lights”.

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