Julian Jermaine paints pictures of his life!

Julian Jermaine comes from the inner city of the Midwest. Born in Michigan and partially raised in Youngstown Ohio, he had to grow up fast. His environment made him street-smart, as he watched the hustlers in the early 90”s and saw a lot, coming from one of the many ghettos of the USA. It’s all within his music, the struggle, the pain, and the hope.

I paint pictures of my life using witty wordplay slick metaphors and elite lyricism with smooth punchlines and storytelling of my upbringing and life, explains Jermaine. My inspiration for the song, “Red Carpet”, was just wanting to uplift and give an audio visual of my aspirations, through lyrical elegance, displaying my artistry through braggadocios rhymes, and connecting struggle to hope and finally the attainment of wealth.

I’m unique because I give you real life music, vulnerability passion, lyricism, storytelling and the ability to paint pictures that people can relate to. I’m not afraid to be myself, I’m humble, vulnerable and confident at the same time. I studied the greats and I just want to get hip-hop fans excited about dope beats and hard rhymes again, I want to add to the collective of new and legendary artist that are reviving the art of hip-hop.


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