JANELIASOUL releases new single – “LOVE-HATE” on all major platforms!

JaneliaSoul, a rising independent artist in the United States, is releasing her new studio endeavor, ‘Love-Hate.’ The new single, due out April 15, will be available on all major platforms, including retailers like iTunes and Amazon and streaming platforms like Spotify. (The release will also be available on the African music service Simfy Africa.)

JaneliaSoul was inspired to write the new tune after a spiritual journey of self-discovery in her homeland, Nigeria, West Africa. During her excursion, she learned how to come to peace with the love-hate relationship in her life. The sharply produced track elegantly combines reggae and pop musings with JaneliaSoul’s passionate and infectious personality.


“When I wrote this song, I took on the quest to translate the deep emotions I have about an inanimate object into a relationship between a man and a woman,” says JaneliaSoul. The woman in the song is her; the man is Africa.

JaneliaSoul’s multi-cultural background influences her dramatically unique and wholly diverse approach to music. With charming melodies and tactful lyricism, she has crafted a space for herself within the independent music scene unlike any other. With a mother hailing from a royal family in Nigeria and a father from America, JaneliaSoul truly represents a vast spectrum of cultural stylings in her music.

That music echoes that of Etta James, Ziggy Marley, and Sade, to mention but a few. In Africa, JaneliaSoul boasts a collection of popular hits in the afro-pop genre. Well known for tracks such as ‘Sexy Nana’ and ‘Love Song in Yoruba,’ the performer is a staple of the African independent scene. Looking to showcase her culture to new audiences in the United States, the vocalist is based in Baltimore, Maryland as she works on her full-length record.

‘Love-Hate,’ out April 15, is the first insight into that album. Follow JaneliaSoul online via her website and social networking below!







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