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International Hip-Hop artist NatStar releases his long awaited 2021 album “THE CODE”

International Hip-Hop artist NatStar releases his long awaited 2021 album “THE CODE”, featuring the hit single “BBL”, in collaboration with his wife and Pop sensation Xitanna and more. Separating himself from fellow rappers who exploded on the scene with bombastic and aggressive songs, NatStar uses his naturally deep voice in a more lyrical way, effortlessly gliding over bass-heavy and cinematic production, as he delivers deceptively catchy rhymes.

The quality of NatStar’s music is more than enough to hold our attention. Possessing an exceptional ear for melody too, NatStar writes songs that will get stuck in your head after just one listen. And as you keep playing them over and over, you’ll pick up on his knack for storytelling, too. With each new track, NatStar lets us in on a new chapter of his life story, while proving himself as one of the best underground rappers out right now. He really has it all.

With the release of “THE CODE”, NatStar is affirming his power in the mumble-dominated rap world, and doing it with sharp lyricism and an ear for beats that purists have to love. It’s nearly impossible to play a NatStar song just once. When you encounter the tracks on this album, they will invariably end up bouncing around in your brain until you give in and play it again (and again). Fans will appreciate his nimble flows and gritty reflections, more than anything else.

NatStar’s delivery is hypnotic, and his taunting flow can be ferocious, making it sound like he’s attacking the beat from multiple angles. NatStar can do everything, and if he keeps the momentum up, he seems primed to have a memorable year in 2022. Expect him to grab the headlines, and build his brand across the music, media and cultural landscapes.

Stream “THE CODE” now on all platforms via this link: https://album.link/s/0CgDlZhQUM7ixcCRjTNMKR
Connect with NatStar @natsocold on all social media platforms.

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