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“Here Comes Now” – Mistah Meech – The world’s first animated EDM DJ!

A newly renowned, and out of the ordinary DJ, has recently released the album “Here Comes Now” and it is on the verge of taking the masses by storm and doing phenomenally on the EDM charts. The 14 track album infuses the world of Techno, House and other EDM music influences with the voices and sounds of a variety of the top artists in the music industry.

A minimalist character with a very sleek and modern look – Mistah Meech – this extraordinary DJ, does an excellent job of fusing the different styles of music that the various artists embrace into a mash up of his own ideals and visions. The tracks embrace many aspects – loops, mashups, sampling and remixing – that are very clear in the history of EDM music.

And on each of these songs Mistah Meech will be, in effect, “the conductor and Major Domo of the music both live and in social media/marketing outreach” – its absolute driving force! His music resembles global sounds from the EDM musical centers of the world. In fact Mistah Meech could be in Ibiza, Miami or Amsterdam “performing his own shows, or appearing alongside other EDM stars during their shows, in a mobile game, or even during an unannounced rave.”

mistah-meech-400One of the very positive aspects of the music that Mistah Meech creates for the “Here Comes Now” album is the combination of very different types of music to make a sound that is very marketable to a crowd that may not embrace just one singular style of dance music.

Tracks like “You Can’t Stop The Groove”, “If You Came To Party”, Come In From The Rain” and “Wasting My Tears” are diverse between them, but all carry a hot dance groove. The music that Mistah Meech is making, wants to get the crowd to go on a journey of musical fulfillment. The compositions on the album resemble a voyage through a technological universe of lights and thumping music. This idea is created by embracing the concept of a mashup of a variety of artists and samples. Even further beyond the composition of the music, the lyrics embrace a narrative of partying and having fun, as Mistah Meech grapples with the effects of clubbing…

And the effects are all imperative for Mistah Meech, as he projects his “rather mysterious and dry sense of humor and personality, together with a super cool, hip persona.” A difficult task indeed, as he has only “select facial features and a transparent body that is geometric looking!”

Yes…Mistah Meech is not a real DJ in flesh and blood, but the world’s first animated EDM DJ!  A design deliberately very simple, which does not include a full body, just a head – during live shows and other performances, “Mistah Meech”s facial features will move and change in dramatic ways, choreographed to the music and beats per minute. Fans will be immersed and enveloped and by Mistah Meech during live shows. He will play, as an animated DJ, in clubs and venues all over the world. As a virtual character, Mistah Meech will appear anywhere and everywhere.


Mistah Meech is a masterpiece to say the least, and his music is simply following suit.  In all honesty “Mistah Meech” is an intellectual property owned 75% by Mechem Media and 25% by animation and visual arts guru Roy Edwards. His success depends on largely on their input, and above all on the music which has been composed, produced and arranged by Dan Mechem at Studio 4 West in Venice, California.

Mistah Meech will no doubt become an icon for the face of EDM music. One can only hope for more great albums and for Mistah Meech to constantly create more new and interesting ways to construct music and interact with the media and fans.

OFFICIAL LINKS: http://www.mistahmeech.comhttp://www.mechemmedia.com

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