Firstdub – a music platform Buy and Sell Music Online

Firstdub is a music platform for producers, musicians and vocalists to upload, promote and sell their beats, instrumentals and songs, either direct from Firstdub website or anywhere online with their music store.

For film-makers, games developers, songwriters and the public, Firstdub offers a large and diverse library of copyrighted and royalty free music, uploaded by known and up and coming artist of all music genres and from across the world.

For artists it is free to upload music to Firstdub and they keep all their copyrights, set the sale price to their music and get paid instantly on every sale. Artists also receive production credits and earn an additional income from publishing royalties when their music is used on radio, television, video games, apps or in any broadcast and production.

Firstdub offers a great opportunity for producers, musicians and vocalists to expand their audience, share their music store online and generate an income from their musical endeavors.

For Music Buyers, Firstdub offers ‘Music for all Media’.

To learn more, visit

The website also has a detailed FAQ page which is immensely useful.

Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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