Fierce and Free Spirited TASHY is Riding High with “Don’t Judge Me”

Tashy is free spirited and has different alter egos that shows a more confident, fierce, and sometimes careless side. Tashy has been writing music ever since the 3rd grade, she even made a rhyme that got noticed by her 3rd grade teacher, which was later used as a “EOG” test preparation song!

She was born and raised in Charlotte NC. Tashy’s Unofficial Album “illusion” was only the start of their music career, in the future Tashy would later announce her next album “Dream Queen” where she took a different musical approach and started to write music to touch on many different topics of worldly events.

Her first song off the album “Don’t Judge Me” was an instant fan-favorite, it focused on body shaming, domestic violence, racial profiling, and police brutality. The Dream Queen Album also touches on other topics such as LGBT rights, self-worth, and loneliness.

Tashy’s 11/11 Album, which was released on her birthday, November 11th, was a big success! Tashy gained tons of recognition in only 2 days of the album’s release. The album was fierce in many ways, while also pinning down world issues such as rape, pedophilia, low self-esteem, interracial relationships and much more!

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