Erwin Bauwens : “Nathalie Collova Latinas World” – Akademia Award Winner!

Multiple Akademia Award Winner Erwin Bauwens is a very busy producer indeed. He has written award winning songs for Justyna Stocka, Nathalie Collova and Claudia Van Linden. Bauwens who attended the Schilde/Zoersel Belguim Academy for word and music has also been aired on radio stations across the globe. Erwin Bauwens will surely please those who know proper records don’t sell 10 million copies and aren’t found at the Virgin megastore.

Erwin Bauwens
Erwin Bauwens

I will keep this short and sweet, as not much really needs to be said about Bauwens award winning electronic track “Nathalie Collova Latinas World”, other than it’s flat out different, quite mellow and damn near impossible to throw into any one genre. The downfall of the whole music industry and all its cookie-cutter artists is that they all try to stay within one genre, so that the record can be easily and neatly placed in the proper section at your local K-Mart. Erwin Bauwens dares to be different.

“Nathalie Collova Latinas World” is a great morning record, perfect for a quite Sunday of coffee and contemplation, while Bauwens tinkles away on the keyboard in the background. This is not 4-to-the-floor electronica, but rather old-school minimal soundscapes. One of the major cruxes of electronic music is in the way that novice electronic artists build their music: in a totally linear and predictable way.

If you’ve been listening to electronica, chances are you know the formula: start some atmospheric sounds, make a synth chord progression of simple major and minor chords, a little melody line, and add a static beat. If you’re lucky, the artist will mess with some of the above ideas, but perhaps to the point that it becomes distasteful. Then, separate all of the above with a couple of breaks and snare rushes, and you have your beloved mainstream track.

Erwin Bauwens
Erwin Bauwens

That hasn’t been what Erwin Bauwens has done. Without repeating his previous release in an obvious way, this new creation makes for a lovely companion to his other works. Their atmospherics and texture are frequently changing but simple and the song’s structure is as bare boned as electronica can be.

Using straightforward piano tones, and showing a solid knowledge of syncopation, alternate chords, and the use of melody, Bauwens creates his sonic ideas and soundscapes with their unceasing attention to detail in toned-down effects. The track is fairly brief, by electronic standards, revealing refreshing little worlds of solemn ambient texture. It’s a track that shares moments of ambient chill-out downtime, and a bit of an experimental edge.

“Nathalie Collova Latinas World” is a special blend of sublime, understated groove with divine wonder. The result is a timeless synesthetic track which could so easily be the soundtrack to a videogame. If you’re tired of the same old EDM that most people are into these days; you have to check out the diversity of this Polish musician and producer – Erwin Bauwens.


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