Boi Blue – “Big” wants to inspire listeners!

Boi Blue is an American hip-hop recording artist and songwriter. Entrenched in music from a young age, raised in Georgia mostly Atlanta – where the music, food, and culture is rich and full of soul. His song ‘BIG’ was a song that he recorded on his own in the midst of the pandemic. “Unfortunately the studio was out of the question so I bought my first studio set up and recorded a lot of songs in my bedroom,” says Boi Blue. “BIG was one of the songs that motivated me the most so I decided to make it a single. I just wanted to inspire my listeners and get them motivated even in hard times. I released ‘BIG’ in 2021 on Spotify last year since then the song has gotten over 60,000 streams, it will also be featured on my up and coming project in January 2023.


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