Atlanta’s Rey.Ant releases “Comin for You”

The R&B artist Rey.Ant has garnered over 200k streams on Spotify with his release of “Comin For You.” Written and performed by Rey.Ant himself, and inspired by passion, “Comin For You” explores all the new feelings upon meeting an attractive woman. Determined and ready for the chase, Rey.Ant fuses his rhythm and effort into “Comin for You” to share with his new love interest, his longing for her.

Originally from Washington D.C Rey.Ant grew up listening to Stevie Wonder and was inspired by Michael Jackson. At a young age, he would pretend to play guitar with a broom, and act as part of the Jackson 5’s with his cousins. Always knowing he would have a deep connection with music, Rey.Ant would listen to music and had a special attraction towards love lyrics. At just 17 years old, he performed on stage for the first time and since then he has been determined to be involved in all phases of the music industry.

“Comin for You” is a go-get-her, definitive chase of a man being himself and in that, loving a woman. When asked what advice Rey.Ant has for other musicians and artists, he responded, “No matter how rough it gets, stay focused, and tune out negative thoughts and people.”

You can stream “Comin for You” follow Rey.Ant on the links below

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