After Adam Launches ‘Cosmonaut Cowboys’: A Stellar Blend of Pop and Faith

Introducing a twelve-track album of Pop and Christian Pop tunes designed to connect, After Adam’s ‘Cosmonaut Cowboys’ hits the scene with equal parts professionalism and outright passion for the artform. Founded by the late songwriter Justin Murr, of Pekin, Illinois, After Adam is a celebration of a lifelong affinity for music and the art of crafting and performing commercially catchy songs.

Having sadly passed away due to complications from Covid-19, towards the end of 2021, Justin had recorded the collection and released it exclusively on CD. However, given the passion and skill on display, it seemed tragic to not let the album hit the digital realm to find the extent of its audience.

As such, on May 26th, 2023, ‘Cosmonaut Cowboys’ will be released on all major streaming platforms, through Jonathon Brannon’s Label Hip Rock Records.

From the unmistakable opening moments of a timeless ‘The One And Only’, through the modern piano-pop tones and lightness of ‘Wave Of Hope’, and later into the funk and stylish groove of ‘Love Like a Disco’, ‘Cosmonaut Cowboys’ emerges as one of the most eclectic and colourful albums of the year.

Far from presenting a single mood, the album is impressively heartfelt, and maintains its integrity of Faith and connection with blissful offerings like ‘Angel Baby’,  ‘Born Again’, ‘Play The Game’ – as well as the stunningly honest and intimate ‘Completely Yours’.

The project also makes sure to shake up the pace when necessary, with rockier hits like ‘Gumshoe in a Deep Sleep’, and infectious country-pop twists like the unforgettable ‘Rosie Grace’.

Bringing together co-song-writing efforts from Brannon and the additional talents of Slovenian Pop Group BQL’s Anej Piletic, After Adam and the ‘Cosmonaut Cowboys’ release promises a wealth of timeless classics designed to connect with and uplift listeners in the way that only finely-crafted Pop Rock and Faith truly can.

Featuring smooth production alongside dashes of soulful rock guitar and faultlessly bright vocals, the project compiles an array of enjoyable songs and musical threads that naturally raise the mood of the room.


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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