7anHunneD Records Presents Canadian Rapper Louu Mane

7anHunneD Records is an underground record label that is narrating a vault of unreleased songs recorded by unsigned, underground artists in Montreal, Canada under the management of 7anHunned. Currently the label’s main attraction is Louu Mane, an artist from the streets of Montreal. His latest track on the label is “Colgate” which is as tonally expansive as any in Mane’s discography and easily sounds the most polished, most listenable.

7anhunned-200The track-listing in his catalog has a crazed internal logic, there are clipping hi-hats, snaking synths, plinking keys and handclaps a plenty. You can hear his range as a rapper, how he pulls off the burst delivery on “All White” and “7an summas” as well as silky, warped Gucci flow on “Chris Rock”.

Mane’s ad libs are near-constant, his echo alternating between interrogative and imperative, or double-tracked in an exaggerated mesh of voice. It’s freaky, catchy, and ear-worming. Mane also has the ability to think up catchy and grabbing punchlines which simultaneously make you laugh and also feel tough at the same time. Not many rappers can make you feel like gangsta while sipping coffee on your break at work.

7anhunned-680Louu Mane remains fluid in the play and predictability of someone seriously on his grind. In his coherent blaze of songs, Mane’s animating spirit is audible: his rhyming and soundscapes range from banger to widescreen grandeur on the album “Lights Out X 7anHunneD”.

Mane often glows out of the mixtape trappings and flirts with commercially viable music. On many tracks we get what sounds like Louu Mane having fun, unearthing passing truths, and discovering a confidence in his voice. It’s his bizarre impulsiveness that refuses to be ordered into a recognizable, tactile shape; his delirious voice that will not whimper which gives him a defining edge.

Overall, Louu Mane’s catalog on 7anHunneD Records shows the massive amounts of potential that he carries to create good music.


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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