Wreck The Rebel: “¡Hola! Mr. Trump!” ft. Freckles LaRue – more observational thunder!

Respect to KonQuest Now; they’ve been thinking out loud for a while now with various members waxing lyrical under their own monikers, not least Wreck The Rebel, who now, alongside Freckles LaRue drops some more political and observational thunder.  Wreck’s as real as it gets, in the sense that reality can be both emotionally gut-wrenching and completely entertaining — Wreck The Rebel achieves both on “¡Hola Mr. Trump!” He releases the track as a timely open letter to Mr. Trump, in which the lyricist lays out many of the sentiments felt by Americans all across the nation.

An original production from Wreck The Rebel, “¡Hola! Mr. Trump!” features smooth vocal styling provided by Freckles LaRue, further showcasing the immense talent encapsulated within the KonQuest Now family of artists. Wreck The Rebel always has a lot to say, as does the entire KonQuest Now crew. However “¡Hola Mr. Trump!” is probably his most insightful, controversial and timely track ever – just by the single’s cover you get a taste of what’s to come.

wreck-the-rebel-trump-coverFilled with lyrical genius, Wreck The Rebel grinds his axe and directs his fire toward the theme of the subordinate mental psychology of Americans and their love for colonial masters. How come I’m saying this? Well, while Wreck and Freckles may seem to be pointing a finger at how Trump is about to manage matters, I think underneath they are subconsciously targeting an entire generation of people.

Though he did gatecrash the Republican party, let’s be honest, Trump didn’t get to be seated in the Whitehouse by knocking the front door down. The majority, of what’s usually known as the world’s most democratic nation, absolutely and unequivocally invited Trump in to twiddle the knobs behind the console, and get his own party started!

Now, just who is going to be invited to that party, and how much fun it’s going to be for everyone else, during the next four years, is what Wreck The Rebel and “¡Hola! Mr. Trump!” is really talking about, I think.

Americans need artists like Wreck The Rebel and the whole KonQuest Now crew, not just because they make damn good hip-hop music, but because they keep pricking at people’s consciousness – both politically and socially, reminding them to wake up, before their dreams become nightmares.

They’re making young people understand the strength and purpose of their music and lyrics, as well as to call fans to the task of being conscious because it makes a difference!


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