Wreck The Rebel: “Green Pill” crafts provocative material!

It feels as if Wreck The Rebel is continually pushing the boundaries of hip-hop here, raising the bar for himself and anybody else to follow. The three minute-plus “Green Pill” might just be the most soulfully epic rap songs recorded this year sliding from a hauntingly beautiful old time intro, into a flurry of poignant, poetic, and powerful bars that once again illuminate his immense talent.

He doesn’t hold anything back, and he manages to pique interest with lines such as “I ponder open gate’s for my mind to wander, And slumber hypnotic, State’s most can’t remember” It’s unlike anything out there in that the message and emotionality never outweigh the hooks—rather they work in perfect harmony on this soulful gem.

green-pill-coverThe consistency aids Wreck The Rebel. His energy and flow, complimented with raw yet intelligent lyricism, can command any track. The beautiful melodic (and wordless) hook and the sweet soulful tone of the production create a sublime contrast to the narrative unfolding.

The track sees Wreck The Rebel looking out at his peers in the rap game and realizing they don’t measure up to him. He raps, “Illusions cause confusion, And stop your jaw from moving, I can’t follow these stars I ain’t even seen the blueprint,” while everyone else is rapping about hoe’s. Wreck The Rebel may be frustrated with what he hears around him, but realizes his priorities set him apart from the pack.

“Green Pill” represents Wreck The Rebel at his finest. He is able to dissect the comparison of ‘mundane life to medication riddled excursions’ and use it to craft provocative material. Wreck The Rebel forges a captivating experience over his bars which command attention.

Longtime fans are sure to enjoy what he’s done here and new listeners should discover a rapper who deserves their attention going forward. Produced by Musikal, “Green Pill” also flaunts some of Wreck The Rebel’s most technical work to date which feels like a rap dream come true.

This track belongs not only on your stereo but in a museum it’s such a masterpiece. Welcome to timeless rap. All that said and done, no words are needed to explain this. It’s Wreck The Rebel at his best. This track doesn’t confirm this, it just re-affirms what he has already achieved with KonQuest Now and his other work already established.

“Green Pill”, is the first single from the upcoming project, “Peter Is Dead”.


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