‘Wicked Gods’ is the next studio album LUNA13 set for release on 9/9/19 via Cleopatra Records

[quote color=”#dd0404″ bgcolor=”#000000″]Wicked Gods is the next studio album by the highly original Black/Bass/Metal project LUNA13. It is currently set for release on 9/9/19 via Cleopatra Records.[/quote]

As you would expect, the album stays true to the blistering Bass massacre sound that has been well established in the band’s short 5 year run and exemplified in these fine 9 tracks, lasting a head banging 32 minutes, 53 seconds.

From the start, ‘Serpent’ draws you in with its horrid chant of “I am going to Annihilate your Temple and Eat your Prayers,” the lyrics when they come, the crushing Bass Metal grooves and mystical torment literally within the lyrics finally enveloping you in the horror movie that is LUNA13, a uniquely particular Blackened Electronica and often Bass Driven sound.

It evokes provocatively that feeling that you’re waiting to be chased through a resurrected graveyard, with a satanic ritual, howling wind, the undead screaming at you, in a manner only Lilith Bathory can conjure. The opening track ‘Serpent’ is relentless, seductive and is Bass/Metal at it’s finest.

 ‘Death Box’ goes from Korn style grooves to Deicide Black Metal in a blink. Lilith Bathory spits Black Metal fire with lyrics about suffocation. Dr Luna knows how to under-produce this style so its sound appeals to the average metal head. What takes this to the edge is the thinly produced scorching vocals of Lilith, orchestrated perfectly by the black magic production of Dr Luna.

Time and time again, this duo of darkness find a way keep you entertained while silently blowing you away with a sound you have never heard. LUNA13 – Wicked Gods then steps it up a gear with their first single ‘Evil Loves,’ which gives you a taste of how LUNA13 has matured technically and one magazine stated LUNA13 was a cross of Pantera and Flying Lotus. My favorite song on the release ‘Blood Bath’ can use the same tags, yet ‘Blood Bath’ contains some of ‘Wicked Gods’ most brutal work. ‘Blood Bath’ is a mystical gem of darkness with bass riffs that rival Black Sabbath. The song ‘Leviathan’ is indescribable. His Bass Metal sounds like a swarm of locusts’ intent to brush their wings against your face!

The whole album with its dark undertones is well put together and could be the band’s best to date! After 5 years this band is still showing us that they are getting darker and creepier. If you’re a fan of the LUNA13 then this is a must, and if you’re new to them you’re in for a treat. Every track has something unique about them.


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