Victor Perry: “Lighthouse” – A song able to reach out and grab you immediately…

22-year-old, Victor Perry’s latest single “Lighthouse” is gorgeous, filled with raw vocals and heartfelt lyrics. Victor really is unique, and personally, I feel as if his individuality is what gives the track its strength. The music and lyrics are bare, not diluted with excessive synthetic sounds or other fluff, and he deals with the serious topic of love in a vulnerable, yet assured way.

Victor Perry
Victor Perry

The music is lovely, and the instruments blend with his voice nicely, complementing instead of competing. But it’s the Thomasville, Georgia native’s voice which is the main attraction on this song, followed closely by the lyrics.

Victor Perry’s mesmerizing voice and the lush sounds are all just seductive, intimate, catchy, and revealing at the same time.  Start to finish, it is flawless and relentlessly engaging. What cannot be understated is the intensity of the emotional response this recording evokes.

I firmly believe that the best art expresses – through whatever medium – something very profound about the human condition and resonates with us at a level perhaps deeper than we can explain.

Really good art leaves us changed after experiencing it. “Lighthouse” has the capacity to achieve that. A song able to reach out and grab you immediately, and then on repeated listening it will penetrate even more deeply and more permanently.

Victor Perry
Victor Perry

Not only does “Lighthouse” offer uniquely uncompromising lyrics and depth, it’s also a testament to the things most important to an artist: conviction, determination, and a desire to share soul-searching experiences. With a dose of exceptional guitar and piano, Perry unleashes his creativity in an immense way, as the song aims to capture a piece of your heart.

This is a talented young man whose passion for music radiates from the track. Comparisons could be made with a lot of the greats that came before him, however nothing seems copied or mimicked, but sounds wonderfully natural and emotive.

With his Alternative, Pop, R&B and Rock influences, it’s hard to pigeonhole Victor Perry, although it would be easy to dismiss this single as just another clever pop song in an already crowded genre, but it’s that soulful quality which lifts this above the rest.

This is well crafted music, with something to say about life and love, and Victor Perry can look forward to a long career if he can equal this on his following releases. For me, “Lighthouse” is quite simply superb!


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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