Victor Perry: “4 A.M. Nostalgia” not only captures listeners, but it takes them to a whole new atmosphere!

A few months back we bumped into 22-year-old, Victor Perry’s gorgeous single, “Lighthouse” and were blown away. Victor’s mesmerizing voice and the lush sounds were are all at once seductive, intimate, catchy, and revealing.  Start to finish, the song was flawless and relentlessly engaging. But that song was just over three and a half minutes long, and it would seem fairly easy to surprise and capture people’s attention for that period of time if you have an outstanding voice.

Victor Perry
Victor Perry

The question is, how would Victor fair over a longer period of time with a bigger variety of songs, and especially once the surprise factor of his stunning vocal range wore off. His EP “4 A.M. Nostalgia” now brings us the answer.

“4 A.M. Nostalgia” not only captures listeners, but it takes them to a whole new atmosphere. This Thomasville, Georgia native is so incredible, so talented, and writes such beautiful lyrics and music, that it will be almost impossible to hold him under covers for too long.  Victor Perry yearns with his heart and soul throughout the EP with sonic soul grooves and introspective masterpieces.

Victor brings that endless vibe of earthy grooves and meditative melodies to soothe us through times in a world where pain and sufferance are so seemingly dominant emotions and people have forgotten how to love and celebrate life. Victor bathes in the contrasting feelings of love. He brings those sensations through the sound system and allows it to linger in our most private of dreams, fantasies, and moments.

“4 A.M. Nostalgia” is the time for us to be intoxicated by Victor’s interpretation of love’s timeless and touching symptoms. He has a way of appealing to the mind, heart, and spirit all at once, through, not only the lyrics, which illustrate a cleverly subtle suggestiveness, but reinforced by his spontaneous, tantalizing croons and his equally spontaneous, wide-ranging inflections.

From the opening track, “Rainbows”, the production is beautifully done by William Perry Jr. It’s crystal clear, dynamic and deep, with Victor’s fluid, angelic voice, flowing and meandering its way around each of these gems like a peaceful stream. “Nighttime Baby” forges some stellar falsetto singing that will ignite your soul, and set fire to the deepest of your passions.

The Ep cover
The Ep cover

Smooth rhythms meld with mellow but engulfing instrumentation, mixed and produced expertly. The sensation of listening to a heartfelt track such as “Leave” is reminiscent of opening one’s eyes after a deep sleep and feeling gratitude for having awoken anew from a very bad experience. The track also has sensational background harmonies to match the melancholic mood.

Tracks such as “Lighthouse” and “Nostalgia” further give the impression that Victor Perry is not going to simply play it safe like many of his contemporaries, he is aiming to continue to grow, challenge himself and his listeners.

With Victor’s voice as tangible yet delicately soulful as silk, the atmosphere of this EP becomes lush with passion and love. “4 A.M. Nostalgia” is a collection of songs that will leave you breathless and open up parts of your heart and mind you didn’t even know you had.


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