Tony Vegas & A. Portsmouth ft. Natalie – “Crystal Waves” resonates with a plethora of deeply rooted emotions!

Tony Vegas is an Australian DJ producer, currently based in Budapest. His style is focused on nu disco, indie house and chill out. He has had two TOP 10 songs on the Beatport Chill out Chart, namely “Daydreamer” and “Clock Tripper”. On June 20, last year, he won the DJ Mag Next Generation competition with his “Beach Cocktails Summer Mix”. Vegas is signed to Baci Recordings (the #1 label on Beatport in the Chill out category).

Tony Vegas
Tony Vegas

Tony Vegas has just dropped the chill out / nu disco track, “Crystal Waves” produced by himself and A. Portsmouth (UK), featuring the vocals of Natalie (US). Most EDM music is merely devised as something to party to, a wild and uplifting night.

But when a vocal such as this from the hitherto unnoticed Natalie comes along things are different. And when you fit that whiskey and cream voice over a smooth beat like that produced by Tony Vegas and A. Portsmouth the result emanates bundles of emotion through the lyrics and a concurrent, flowing anthem. It blends well with the tone of vocals and conceives an almost indie-pop melody.

Here Tony Vegas showcases his ability to not only outline his personal style, but also provide evidence that electronic music does not always have to be robotic.

“Crystal Waves” resonates with a plethora of deeply rooted emotions that will tug at your own heart strings, and move you to your existential core by incorporating a slower beat, allowing for the vocals to be the main focus, expressing their infinite truth.  Transitioning swiftly in places, Vegas peels off layers of the music showcasing the deeper side of the lyrics and exposing his vast talent and versatility:

“intimate relations, good vibrations, 
midnight revelations, without fear. 
Love, peace, spectacular release
daydream’s desire, surf’s on fire”

It’s obvious that Tony Vegas has an ear for smart words and a strong hook as well as a natural knack for smooth dance production, but he also provides enough distinction to his tracks on an individual basis. In truth, there’s nothing here that Tony Vegas and A. Portsmouth or even Natalie does wrong here.

The track is even catchy enough to welcome a larger pop audience and not just EDM armies, yet it stays true to the Vegas’ sound. Without doubt Tony Vegas has struck another electronic gold with “Crystal Waves”.


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