Tomisin Adedipe – “YES” – a creamy worship ballad, etched with an irresistible melody and poignant lyrics

Tomisin Adedipe, a gospel singer and songwriter based in England has been busy harnessing his skills as a musician. His passion for music and bringing the word of God to life has inspired him to incorporate different elements into his music. Tomasin’s latest release, is the single entitled “YES”.  I am overwhelmed by the excellence of this song – the range of style, the energy, the high praise and joy, the tenderness and then the declarations. With lyrics that allow his persona to become transparent to anyone who chooses to ponder, Tomasin’s voice ventures into areas that few artists are able to reside.

“YES” speaks eloquently of the hope that Christ provides when you’ve completely lost your bearings and all things familiar. “If God says yes, no one can say no,” sings Tomisin Adedipe, his voice shifting into high-riding falsetto with disarming ease.

From the first note this track explodes with the singer-songwriter pioneering his own music style that blows the roof off.  What makes it so special?  He combines a spine-tingling mix of Soul, R & B, a gospel choir and praise and worship, with flavors of resonating rock guitar, and the effect is stunning.

Musically, “YES” is brilliant, with solid, chunky bass, luscious horns and warm keys throughout, while Tomisin Adedipe’s passion is so contagious it should carry a health warning. He preaches like a man with a burning soul, in this creamy worship ballad, etched with an irresistible melody and poignant lyrics.

From start to finish, Tomisin masterfully and creatively shares the unchanging nature and character of God. His lyrical prowess is documented and he amazes with his simple and direct storytelling, making every line relatable to his audience.

Tomisin Adedipe’s ambition is marked by his ability to express his heart for worship, authentically leading the people towards the worship of God. His rich vocals and heartfelt personality shine throughout this song.

Every once in a while, a fresh voice arrives and instantly transforms the way we listen to music. Each genre has its own. Now Gospel has Tomisin Adedipe. He has a vocal style with a swagger all his own. He is an authentic representation of what is needed in the gospel and Christian arena in music.

Even if you don’t traditionally buy Christian music, you will love this track, which delivers a beautiful voice, music and songwriting. The production on “YES” is excellent and tasteful too, with just the right amount of groove and restraint.

The engineering is magnificent, allowing the clarity of Tomisin Adedipe’s voice to be heard, expressing each word clearly. This is so important, because you easily understand what he is singing, without having to second guess the words.

The singer and writer, Tomisin Adedipe, totally surpassed my expectation of today’s top Christian music artists. He gives you a mix of gospel, R&B, and soul in his delivery, wrapping his immense vocals around his equally impressive songwriting talent. With a clear understanding of his assignment and message to deliver to the world, Tomisin Adedipe appears to be an artist with staying power and passion for his ministry.


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