Shallow Side – “The Worst Kind” – a powerhouse sonic statement!

Shallow Side’s new single “The Worst Kind” has one mission – to bring the fury, in both the lyrics and the music. And it succeeds. “I can’t forget you. Lord knows I tried to. But without warning. I saw the other side. Thought I knew all of your dirty secrets. Till I found out that I’m not the deepest one. I’m tired. And wounded. It’s over. I’ll prove it,” recites the opening lyrics. And they do.

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Their EP, “ONE” containing the three radio singles: “Rebel”, “Renegade” and “Can You Hear Me” got Shallow Side noticed, and earned them the title of Loudwire’s ‘Best New Artist of the Year’. Their 2019 album “SAINTS & SINNERS”, unleashed their most streamed-song to date – “Sound The Alarm”. The band’s extensive music catalog has now surpassed more than 30 million streams globally, and their music videos have eclipsed 13.5 million views on their YouTube channel. Shallow Side are set to make another huge impact with “The Worst Kind”. And they most certainly will.

“The Worst Kind”, released via Thermal Entertainment has the usual urge to traipse through all of Shallow Side’s proven talents. But this time it’s harder, heavier, and much, much catchier. From the opening bars onwards, all Eric Boatright (vocals), Seth Trimble’s (guitar, keyboards), Sam Bower (bass, guitar) and Heath Fields (drums), want to do is kick ass – and they use every weapon they’ve always wielded in their best songs to do so.

Over the song’s three-minute plus runtime, the Alabama based rock band packs “The Worst Kind” with hammering drums, back-and-forth crushing guitars rhythms, and beating basslines traded with high-powered vocal roars. Shallow Side channels the prowess of it’s players through perennially barreling sounds to brief moments of terse respite, while making sweeping and powerhouse sonic statements.

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If this all sounds like it just rolled out of one of the most competent and qualified studio environments, featuring the best musical technicians on the block – it has. Shallow Side spent part of 2022 recording new music with producers Chris Dawson (Saul, Any Given Sin) and Kile Odell (Motionless in White, Cane Hill). “The Worst Kind” was co-written with Chris Dawson and James Beattie, and was produced, recorded and mixed by Chris at Aphotic Studios.

The bulk of “The Worst Kind” casts a wide net, encompassing the extreme and infectious ends of the rock spectrum – from soft to loud. Shallow Side knows when to push and pull its punches for maximum impact, but that impact remains one mighty blow to reckon with, regardless of how it lands. For those who have been following the band closely, this is precisely what you would want Shallow Side to sound like.

“The Worst Kind” is not only a solid, crunching slab of hard-hitting rock that holds its own admirably in terms of heaviness and power, but also displays an emotional, musical, and production range that goes far beyond any straightforward, apocalyptic wall of noise. Without sacrificing an ounce of integrity, Shallow Side proves that there is far more to them than many might have thought.


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