Ross is a Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Dance, and EDM music producer inspired by old-school beats of previous eras

Born in Detroit and raised in Miami, Ross is known for his hard work, humble attitude, and passionate dedication and commitment to his music. His career to date has spanned over twenty years and includes producing local television shows, co-owning the Prestigious Tempo Entertainment Studios, scoring for films, and collaborating with and producing artists from various genres.

As a producer, writer, and sometimes singer on his own tracks, which also include featured artists, Ross’ songs are labeled as ROSS Presents. An artist who creates and performs behind the scenes, Ross’ physical identity remains a mystery.

Ross’ recently-released track “Look at Dat Ass” featuring Grade A 4 the Payday is available for purchase on all major music streaming services (including iTunes, Spotify, and Tidal). What’s next? He is currently working on the scoring for the independent film RIVE and upcoming track “Terp It Up”, a follow up track to “Look at Dat Ass” also featuring Grade A 4 the Payday.

“Look at Dat Ass” is a contemporary hip-hop track with an unmistakably smooth, West Coast melodic feel. Ross’ collaboration with Grade A 4 the Payday channels an old-school Californian beat, paying homage to the R&B of the ’90s and early 2000’s, which Ross loved growing up.

Fast-forward to 2018, this record speaks to a modern urban culture infused by sex, money and fast-living, and is hung on a slick beat and addictive rhymes.

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