Rockstar Marcus – “Wavy” is a testament to everything that makes him an amazing artist

Rockstar Marcus is a melodic/ emo rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana. Combining soulful singing with a touch of rap and a slew of talent, the artist’s single, “Wavy”, induces us to take a serious look at the artist’s past releases, while he drops an ambitious message for the future. As soon as the mellow sentimental mood begins to kick in, one is reminded of the psychedelic image of fluctuating soundwaves as the song plays. The beat rising and falling with Rockstar Marcus’ masterful voice and atmospheric instrumental taking us on a mesmerizing journey. The summer vibe of the song is paired with Rockstar Marcus and his girlfriend Daisy’s day at the Panama City beach.

Rockstar Marcus never fails to keep fans entertained and thinking about his deep lyrics throughout the track. The end result is a beautifully personal track list that speaks to listeners no matter what sort of music is their favorite. And for listeners who themselves don’t yet know what genre most appeals to them, “Wavy” is a great place to start, when it comes to popular modern sounds.

Rockstar Marcus has a powerful and distinctive voice, and the rawness from his studio performance translates perfectly onto record, giving him a solid presence. The artist is also pulling from a varied subset of melodic influences that sets him apart from many of his contemporaries, and puts him in the Post Malone class. He writes tuneful but huge hooks to get there, and muscle himself into that pantheon.

You won’t find many artists in the emo rap crowd who are able to match Rockstar Marcus’ presence or level of intensity, amplified by his embrace of strong melodies. On this record, the artist isn’t following the crowd. He wants to stand out. Therefore he’s taking his music in a different direction that eventually will pay off. He thinks outside the box with his art.

The smooth and mellow production with genuine vibes pays off, making his music universal, and which could easily slide into rap or pop playlists. Which takes us to the content and songwriting. Throughout the record, there are a lot of great and interesting hooks to capture the listener’s attention and pleasure their ears. Then again, he’s got a knack for real melody and a great sense for catchy production that feels a lot richer than most trap or rap can.

Songs like “Wavy” are clearly crafted to be a big radio friendly hits, focusing on the production and catchy tune, as well as Rockstar Marcus’ melodic voice. The song is a testament to everything that makes him an amazing artist. Furthermore, the song’s message is better, and more positive than most of the other popular rappers making music today. You can tell that he is making music that he truly does want to make.

Rockstar Marcus not only has the ability to write songs that cut straight through and get at people’s emotions, but he also has a voice that accompanies his words perfectly. In fact, everything about him suits his music very well.


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